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PROTESTS: Why not try to Occupy a job?

Re: The Occupy Seattle protesters (TNT, 11-3).

Why not occupy a job? Instead of living off taxpayers, become a taxpayer. If it’s not a great starting wage, you will not pay income tax and might even get an earned income credit back.

If you don’t have a car, get a job on the bus routes we taxpayers are supporting. Get some food stamps with the wage you earned and double your wherewithal for food.

Taxpayers are tired of being your sole support, but we won’t mind helping a bit while you are busting your hump to help yourself. Really.


PROTESTS: Political platform is the next step

The corporate media say that Occupy Seattle/Wall Street lacks specific goals. But the next step is a precise political platform.

• We want public election financing: no corporate money in U.S. elections.

• We want to replace the international banking system with publicly franchised local banks and credit unions.

• We want to replace corporations with worker-owned cooperatives, which are private businesses owned by the
people who actually make things.

• We want progressive taxation to finance jobs and rebuild national infrastructure.

• We want to bring the troops home and end U.S. imperial occupation of the Third World.

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