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PROTESTS: Davis’ criticism unfounded

Richard S. Davis rightly commends George Washington for his humility, temperateness, and sincerity (column, 2-22). What a contrast to Davis himself, who intemperately accuses the Occupy protesters of lack of patriotism, and asserts with no trace of evidence that their minds have been poisoned by the textbooks they read in high school.

I would simply like to remind Davis that the Occupy movement began on Wall Street in New York City as a protest against the punishing and unpunished behavior of financial behemoths who have effectively held the little people under their boot heels for the past eleven years.


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PROTESTS: Methods not effective

Re: “Occupiers stand for what really matters” (Letter, 12-12)

The writer of this letter still “strongly supports the Occupy movement” and also states that the future of America’s children is being stolen by the “voracious greed” of Wall Street. What she fails to recognize is that sitting around on the wet pavement outside corporate or government buildings is not going to change what she perceives as the practices of greedy, thieving economic figures.

Granted, this is America and the protestors should have full First Amendment rights to do what they wish. But they also believe that what they are

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PROTESTS: Occupy solution has already failed

The first European settlers at Plymouth Colony experimented with a socialist economic model and it failed miserably – so miserably that the colonists nearly perished.

All land was to be held in common, and all production was to be divided equally. Trouble was there was very little produced, so there was little to divide. Near starvation was the result.

Realizing that model wasn’t working, the Pilgrims divided the land among the settlers, allowing each family to keep the fruits of its efforts. That strategy created so much prosperity that it begot the holiday of Thanksgiving to celebrate not only the

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PROTESTS: Police protect democracy

Re: “Occupy will grow amid resistance, some say” (TNT, 11-16).

The News Tribune inaccurately portrayed the police as some sort of independent force “cracking down” on the Occupy camps and protesters.

Police are not a separate branch of government, but only enforce the laws enacted by the people or their representatives.

If the Occupy folks wanted to make it legal to take over public parks and camp there, then they could have marched down to city hall and lobbied for a change in the local laws that prohibit it.

But that’s not what they want. They’d rather provoke clashes with

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COSTCO: Maybe we should occupy Costco

Costco doesn’t get it. After spending $22 million to buy a liquor initiative in the state of Washington, it raises the membership fee by $5 per year to get the money back. Shouldn’t this more properly be charged to shareholders rather than members?

This is the kind of corporate action that is the target of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Maybe we should occupy Costco.


PROTESTS: Regulating the regulators

Instead of wasting time posturing ineffectual banners and signs, the wish-washy, whining, milquetoast minions of the Occupy movements should consider organizing themselves into some semblance of a body with the purpose of righting the wrongs they are citing, as they are obviously lacking employment to attend.

Currently, their war cry should be “Ed Bagley Jr.s of the world, unite!” The laundry list of infractions and atrocities committed by numerous nameless corporations, about which the New York City Occupy movement has complained to the NYC General Assembly, is an accounting of the systematic deterioration of moral values underlying society’s accepted business

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PROTESTS: Help increase youth voting

Marshall McLuhan, an educator, philosopher and scholar once said, “American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver’s license age than at voting age.”

However, in the past few months numerous young Americans may begin to disagree with this statement. As many people have seen across the country there has been the emergence of what can only be referred to as the “Occupy Movement.”

My opinion is not on the merits of what they are protesting, or the tactics that are used, but rather on the fact that they are helping invigorate a voting group that has been scarcely seen

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