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ELECTION: Occupy Movement should participate in political process

In November, I’d love to vote for the Progressive Party, but it doesn’t exist.

It’s the party that the Occupy Movement could have become had we chosen the democratic process rather than Woodstock.

Political change requires more than an urban campout. It requires a legislative platform instead of “demands,” passionate candidates instead of masked anarchists, and adult communication skills instead of mike-checks.

Just as there are great candidates for progressives to support, like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, so there are attainable legislative goals:

• Overturn Citizens United and institute public election financing.

• Regulate banks and mortgage loan industries,

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ECONOMY: True patriots are willing to sacrifice

The people of France and Greece had a choice: the survival of their nations or the satisfaction of their own narrow interests.

Now, the continued existence of those countries is not as important in the larger scheme of things as that of the United States, but we are faced with the same decisions as those Europeans. America and the world cannot survive the repercussions of making the same mistake they did.

They are in for a “hard landing” that probably will result in dire social consequences – all the result of their own shortsightedness. We still have a chance to

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PROTESTS: Occupy movement does have a plan

After feeling confused about the strategies and mission of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I did a four minute internet search to find local events and information. It quickly became evident that the Occupy groups are focused and networking nationally and globally.

I encourage everyone to go to www.the-99-declaration.org and read this document that may be the solution to restoring voters’ voices to the political process. The demonstrations, the rhetoric and the news coverage do not do justice to a powerful idea that represents people of all races, economic levels and political beliefs.


MEDIA: Liberal bias led to 2011 whopper

Re: “Lies, damn lies and the four biggest whoppers of 2011″ (TNT, 12-27).

The journalist did not pick the whopper of the year. I believe that award should go to the mainstream media for trying to convince us that the Tea Party and the Occupy protests were similar.

The Tea Party protesters were ordinary citizens who were mostly middle-aged or older. They wanted lower taxes, limited government and less federal spending. Their protests were peaceful and had few police incidents.

The Occupy protesters were mostly young people, uninformed college students and left-wing radicals. They railed against capitalism and the

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PROTESTS: Occupiers stand for what really matters

I, for one, still strongly support the Occupy movement – who else is speaking for the 99 percent of Americans watching their futures and their children’s, too, being stolen by Wall Street malfeasance and voracious greed? All while so many in government, federal, state and local, look the other way and do nothing – or, worse yet, aid and abet the thieves with special deals, bailouts and tax breaks, and no prosecutions. A really pitiful state of affairs not becoming at all to a civilized society.

Jobs, the environment, education, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, libraries,
police and fire protection, healthcare,

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PROTESTS: So what is the Occupy cause?

The past few months I have watched as Occupy protesters have marched the streets making their cause known. However, I have not quite figured out what that cause is.

Is it the ability to camp out in city parks or on university campuses, and break into foreclosed homes and buildings? Protesters create a negative impact on local small businesses, and they antagonize law-abiding citizens and police officers trying to keep the peace.

I could be arrested if I displayed this kind of behavior. Why is it that these anarchists believe that they can make change by behaving in this manner?


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PROTESTS: Real power isn’t in corporations

Many of us started our working lives doing menial and boring work. We educated ourselves, worked hard and now have a comfortable retirement.

Most of the opportunities for jobs were available because of business entrepreneurs in the form of corporations, partnerships, farmers, etc. The entrepreneurs created products useful to society. Their wealth and employees funded our government and institutions.

The recent near-riots on the opening of the recent legislative session is unacceptable. Obviously, the demonstrators have mixed motivations and backgrounds. But most depend or want to depend on the taxpayers’ (state government) largess. Their solution is to destroy corporations and/or

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CONGRESS: Change in leadership needed

One of the many frustrations citizens are feeling about Congress is their inability to effect change. Their vote only affects a small minority of the congressional population.

An alternative might be a nationwide campaign insisting that the leadership of both parties, in both houses, submit their resignations. This is the only way that a leadership change can be effected because of the rules of each house which are aimed at maintaining the status quo.

The Occupy movement could be the catalyst that would get such a campaign under way.