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SUPREME COURT: The sky isn’t falling

I learned a long time ago to keep a safety helmet on hand for those times when the sky is falling.

What? The Supreme Court says same-sex couples can marry? Uh, oh! There goes democracy. The sky falling!

What? Obamacare is constitutional? Darn? A victory for Obama! The sky is falling!

What? States’ rights don’t prevail over individuals’ rights to vote, no matter the color of their skin? The sky is falling!

What? Women get to vote? That is against God’s will! The sky is falling!

What? The Earth really does circle the sun? I’m telling you, I need to

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PAY: Liberals show irrationality on minimum wage

Why is it that our friends on the left seem to understand economic realities on some things, yet forget about them on others?

They realize that if you make a resource more expensive we will use less of it. They have wisely raised the price of cigarettes. Fewer of us are now smoking. Through their regulations, they have raised the price of gasoline. Many have moved to alternative fuels. Obamacare has raised the price of Cadillac-plan medical policies, and fewer of us are getting them.

Liberals also know that if they can make a resource cheaper, we will use more

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LIBERALS: They clean up conservatives’ messes

Re: “Liberals: How about an apology for failures?” (letter, 5-6).

Don’t blame liberals for trying to fix an economic mess conservatives caused. Most economists contend the problem with the stimulus was that it wasn’t big enough.

Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats got us out of the Depression by enacting big projects like electrifying the country, which set the stage for manufacturing jobs creating devices that made life easier. Later, huge highway projects moved commerce. Obama was stopped of all such efforts by Republicans.

Obamacare is a life-saver to millions. If we didn’t spend 43 cents of every tax dollar

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LIBERALS: How about an apology for failures?

I have been told by liberals that once our country is run by progressives everything will be fine.

Why is it than when progressives run things, very bad things happen?

Castro has run Cuba for more than 50 years. The people there are poorer now than ever. It is no different in Venezuela and Greece.

It seems that the liberal polices of forcing banks to loan to people who couldn’t repay loans didn’t work out very well. It also seems that the cities that liberals run – like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Tacoma and many more – just

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GOP: Tea partiers should consider the Dems

I remember the irony I felt when I heard things tea partiers were saying in the previous general election when they claimed they wanted to take their country back. Among the quotes were things like, “Don’t steal my Medicare!” and “Hands off my Social Security.”

Well, folks, Republicans have now, through their proposed budgets, made it very clear they have no such intent. I guess that’s the problem with having to lead.

In the past, they had the Paul Ryan budget, but they could pretend it was fake because it would never get through the Senate. Now, it looks very

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TRADE: Is TPP another Obamacare?

Re: “Give Obama authority to deliver Pacific trade pact” (editorial, 3-25).

Your editorial speaks favorably about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP concept is sound and certainly could be good for the state of Washington. However, allowing another the power to negotiate a fast track of the unknown on your behalf is about trust.

I do not trust President Barack Obama. I find it unbelievable that you do.

Does not: “Congress should give Obama fast track authority, let him bring home a treaty, then give it a close look” come eerily close to Nancy Pelosi’s comment about Obamacare: “We have

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US: Which party is really the dysfunctional one?

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

If the writer were any farther off base he’d be tagged out.

There has not been a full-blown budget passed since 1997. Both parties work on continuing resolutions to fund the federal budget. Budgets are hard to pass when you have a party using thinly veiled Social Darwinism as its basis for prosperity. That means gutting as many social programs as you can. The Democrats simply won’t allow it.

The Affordable Care Act, or – as some disdainfully call it – “Obamacare,” that was rammed through has enrolled 10 million uninsured. This

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US: Despite glitches, Obamacare is working

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

It might be helpful to remind the letter writer that Obamacare has antecedents: Mitt Romney’s in Massachusetts and an earlier version proposed by the Republicans in the 1990s.

As to the “objections of the American people,” I’d have to see some stats. But so far, despite a few glitches, Obamacare seems to be working.

Getting foreign policy right is always tricky. Variables abound. Circumstances change, and things can go south quickly. But shooting from the hip and starting unnecessary wars, resulting in ill-spent dollars and the loss of thousands of lives, doesn’t

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