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RELIGION: Christians face genocide in the Middle East

Christians in the world face genocide. The world is shown the pictures of Coptic Christians beheaded by ceremonial dressed executioners.

The radical Muslims in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere are executing, torturing, raping and enslaving Christians and others who do not convert to their interpretation of Muslim worship. In Paris, the radical Muslims executed several groups of Christians and Jews.

Our American president at each execution deplores the violence in a few sentences. Recently at a Christian prayer in Washington, D.C., the president reminded the Christian audience of the century-old Crusades and Inquisition executions and suggested Christians think of their own

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LIBERALS: How about an apology for failures?

I have been told by liberals that once our country is run by progressives everything will be fine.

Why is it than when progressives run things, very bad things happen?

Castro has run Cuba for more than 50 years. The people there are poorer now than ever. It is no different in Venezuela and Greece.

It seems that the liberal polices of forcing banks to loan to people who couldn’t repay loans didn’t work out very well. It also seems that the cities that liberals run – like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Tacoma and many more – just

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ISLAM: Stop genocide against Christians

After reading the article (TNT, 4-19) regarding the continual destruction wrought by the Islamic State, I couldn’t help but notice that the next page’s article involved the trial of a Nazi charged with murdering hundreds of thousands of people merely because of their religious beliefs.

I am disheartened that the media and U.S. government refuse to point out the parallel between the genocide of the Holocaust and the current genocide in the Middle East.

Today, the IS and other radical Islamic groups are conducting a systematic and widespread extermination of the religious group of Christians, much like the genocide the Nazis

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RACISM: We must set a better example for world

Racism is alive and well and living in the USA. If you don’t believe that, consider these points:

• I believe that there has never been a Democratic president who has been hounded and berated so intensely by the opposition as presently. The white conservatives are out for blood from this first black man to be commander in chief, and this is not just over ideologies.

• Look at the recent wave of white-cop-on-unarmed-black-male attacks, often ending in death of the black male. To wit: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and even 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Yes, we do have war

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DEMOCRATS: Try research before writing rebuttals

Re: “GOP: The party that gave us war and recession” (letter, 3-25).

The letter writer might want to check his history book before presenting several false or misleading bullet points.

• He told us the 9/11 attack was on President Bush’s watch. True. The Bush administration didn’t connect the dots and neither did the Clinton administration. Al-Qaida planned the 9/11 attack over several years, not just during the eight months Bush was in office. President Bush took full responsibility for the attack. He is a leader, not a slick politician.

• The Great Recession started on Bush’s watch. True. But it was

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IRAN: Administration’s deal is ridiculous

In our nation’s entire history, there has never been an administration with less credibility than Barack Obama’s. For this administration, the truth seems little more than an unfortunate inconvenience to communicating its utterly incoherent message.

Witness the “agreement” with Iran to curtail its criminal nuclear proliferation. I hope Secretary of State John Kerry at least made the failed Persian state pinkie swear, and that the citizens of Tel Aviv have stocked up on really good sunscreen.

How can you tell when a rogue state or the Obama administration is lying? Their lips are moving.


ECONOMY: Obama recovery built on low-wage jobs

Re: “Which party is really the dysfunction one?” (letter, 3-26).

The writer quotes President Obama’s rosy economic statistics as if they’re gospel. They’re not.

He tells us the unemployment rate is 5.5 percent, with 7.5 million new jobs created in the private sector and 42 straight months of economic growth. No mention that the unemployment rate is actually around 11 percent with the participation rate so low, 39 percent of the job growth from 2010-2014 was in low-wage industries and economic growth over the past five years has averaged a lackluster 2.2 percent, far lower than normal for a deep recession.

The 7.5 million

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FOREIGN POLICY: Are we the world’s guardian?

Re: “Obama’s miscues reveals his ignorance” (letter, 3-30).

From my understanding of the writer’s intent, I believe he is suggesting that because of the president’s “ignorance regarding foreign affairs,” we “aren’t working in the best interests of our country” when we refuse to deploy troops wherever the Islamic world is in conflict with other factions of Islam or nonbelievers, whoever they may be.

If we accept the writer’s premise, we would probably have troops (with U.S.-supplied weapons) deployed in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Chechnya, Gaza, Lebanon and a few I missed.

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