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NSA: Agency tracking potential terror threats

The word “spying” should be replaced with “traffic analysis.” The National Security Agency is performing traffic analysis like before the Battle of Midway during World War II.

In 1941, the military wasn’t able to decipher the Japanese messages but could read the “To,” “From” and “Copy to” lines of messages. This information was married with location information derived by multiple direction findings from Alaska to the Panama Channel. A Navy officer put these pieces of information together into a picture of the Japanese fleet structure and the various task force movements about the Pacific.

The NSA is doing the same

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NSA: Bureaucracy is out of control

I had always learned that there were three branches of government under our constitution: legislative, judicial and executive. When did the NSA become a branch unto itself that ignores the constitution? Are our elected representatives so spineless or ignorant that they don’t care that parts of the Bill of Rights are being blatantly abused everyday?

We badmouth other nations that have secret police forces and yet our own government is doing the same thing, only on a worldwide scale.

The president’s supposedly “open government” sure got the door slammed shut in a hurry.


SYRIA: Administration isn’t up to this challenge

Syria has been asking for it for 30 some years at least, but this is the only time I’m in favor of gun control: The Obama administration cannot be trusted to effectively fight this war.

Look at its past history of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS and NSA scandals, the train wreck of Obamacare and the narrowly dodged wreck of gun control. I would not trust these guys to honestly or efficiently run a church bingo game.



PRIVACY: Nothing new about NSA’s snooping

It seems very strange that Congress professes shock that the National Security Agency is intercepting people’s telephone calls. Author James Bamfield has detailed exactly that in his books for years.

In his 1982 book, “The Puzzle Palace,” Bamfield wrote how the NSA monitored satellite traffic from an antenna farm at the Yakima Training Center. In 2008’s “The Shadow Factory” he gave explicit details about how fiber-optic cable traffic, both foreign and domestic, was diverted into secret “black rooms” at the major telephone companies switching centers.

It was any open secret to the technicians who worked at those exchanges. Snooping by

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SNOWDEN: Does TNT support totalitarianism?

Re: “Snowden doesn’t matter; intelligence debacles do” (editorial, 8-5).

Edward Snowden shared with WikiLeaks, not The News Tribune, hence, WikiLeaks knows more than you. So how can you be so sure that he should not have shared it with Congress instead of WikiLeaks?

There are already nearly 100 members of Congress who know all about the fact that Americans have been spied on illegally by the Intelligence State in the U.S. ever since it started under George W. Bush. Why trust them?

By coming out against courageous whistleblowers, you put yourself in the same category as those who would

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NSA: Snowden owed thanks – for what?

Regarding the National Security Agency’s wholesale sweep of phone numbers, the issue of privacy seems a bit overblown.

True enough, a record of my telephone calls exists somewhere in cyberspace, but I don’t consider the fact any more invasive than phone company records, which can be accessed by any government authority with sufficient reason. Until and unless I become a terrorist, I don’t really have to worry about it.

Among the millions, if not billions, of telephone numbers in a government computer, mine is probably among them. So what? I haven’t heard any knocks on the door late at night,

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ENTITLEMENTS: Resist unsustainable extravagances

The Obama administration is driving us into an “entitlement” culture and nation – from top to bottom; which is socialism with a creeping loss of our freedoms, opportunities, privacy and prosperity.

Almost a majority of U.S. residents (legal and illegal) now believe they are entitled to food stamps, health care, housing, K-12 education, transportation, domestic security and international peace (all without any contribution).

This majority now includes the chronic unemployed, labor unionists, many local government workers, the president and his appointees (note the Obama family’s $100 million trip to Africa and top officials’ “conference” soirées to Las Vegas at taxpayers’

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NSA: Government’s trying to protect me

I’m sorry so many Americans feel like their own government is “spying” on them. I don’t feel like our government is spying on me. I feel like it is doing the best it can to protect me and my family from fanatics and lunatics with bombs.

Perhaps the greatest success of international terrorism is the extent to which it has made us distrust our own government.