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GUNS: Ordinary people prevail over elite establishment

The News Tribune’s view that our senators ignored the will of the American people in rejecting recent gun legislation (editorial, 4-19) is the opinion of a few editorial writers – an opinion that reaches thousands of people. Our newspaper, along with most papers in the country, expressed the same anti-gun opinions along with publishing numerous articles supporting their views in disproportion with pro-gun articles.

The media support for further gun legislation allied with President Obama and his government was a massive effort to influence public opinion and polls which would undoubtedly and unfairly bias polls our newspapers cite as

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GUNS: Congress continues to ignore average citizens

The failure of the Senate to pass the background checks bill is another example of a Congress that is increasingly unresponsive to the will of most Americans. It matters little that a majority of Americans favored strengthening of federal background checks. The opinion of a private gun club, the NRA, is more important to them.

The NRA seems to have as much power as many government agencies, if not more, and it is not accountable to American citizens. Other examples of congressional unwillingness to act affect consumer protection and public safety. Consider the following examples:

• Many senators and representatives

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GUNS: Tell whole story on background checks

Re: “Senators ignore American public on background checks” (editorial, 4-19).

I understand that this is an editorial piece by The New Tribune editorial board, but you give no reason why the senators would reject this legislation other than insinuating, with the associated cartoon, that the NRA bought them out.

Why don’t you report that the records required during the sale of the firearm can be used to create a gun registry? While the bill currently makes this illegal, these records (form 4473) are required to be kept for 20 years by the seller. Another bill could simply remove the

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GUNS: Senators need to do what’s right

Re: “Senate rejects background checks, other gun measures” (TNT, 4-18).

It’s a culture war: the gun lobby vs. almost 90 percent of Americans who want background checks. The NRA. and its allies have built a culture of the heroic, gun-wielding American who might have brandished a gun at Aurora, Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook Elementary School and brought down the bad guys.

Apparently four Democratic senators facing re-election in gun-friendly states caved. If those senators had the courage of teachers at Sandy Hook they could return to their states to explain, “We need a culture of responsible gun ownership,

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GUNS: Meaningful legislation is needed – now

Re: “Movement to hinder gun rules, research a quiet one” (TNT, 4-3).

How many of us want to slide back into complacency about deaths caused by guns in our country? If you would like to see a turnaround, now is the time to act.

This article puts us on alert all the more as far as the obstacles to getting meaningful legislation passed. The negligence and/or greed of many members of Congress in caving in to the gun lobby through the years is obvious in reading the article.

The incidence of bloodshed not only in our schools but other

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GUNS: Firepower makes brawls so much deadlier

Just imagine what would have happened at that Auburn sports tavern if guns had not been present.

First of all, three people probably would not have died so quickly. Yes, there still would have been a brawl and we would probably see some wounded, perhaps with a knife, but no one would have died as quickly as these three did with a fourth one fighting for his life.

Brawls like this happen everywhere, but only in America is the gun as readily available to do the quick kill. And now the NRA is advocating at least one armed officer in

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GUNS: Eddie Eagle is the wrong approach

Mandating that the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program (TNT, 2-22) be taught in Washington schools would be risky and unwise.

When evaluated, such programs were not effective in teaching young children to perform gun-safety skills in real-life situations. Children will verbally repeat the safety message but then do not use the skills when placed in a realistic scenario.

An Eddie Eagle approach across Washington may actually increase the risk of harm to children by providing false reassurance to some parents about how their kids would behave around guns. State resources would be better spent on a program that encourages

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GUNS: We don’t have thought police yet

Re: “NRA doesn’t protect people from crime – it protects weapons” (TNT, 1-22).

William Saletan of the leftist publication, Slate, slams the NRA for what he seems to believe are offenses against decent society. But the entire column is troubling from the standpoint of civil liberties.

According to Saletan, the “NRA doesn’t help the government prosecute accused criminals. It defends them.” This is fringe hyperbole.

The two examples that Saletan hangs his argument on are that both a person on the “terror watch list” and a person to whom a restraining order has been issued by a domestic partner

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