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CHARLESTON: We all have a right to be safe

The recent brutal killing in Charleston, South Carolina, has me once again baffled by the American society I live in.

How can we go on, silently submitting to the highly financed NRA and the firearms industry? Where is our Innocent Bystanders’ lobby? Where’s our Slaughtered Schoolchildren Amendment? Where are the voices of the millions of Americans who have had enough Charlestons, Sandy Hooks, Auroras, Virginia Techs, Columbines?

Our silence and inaction merely aid and abet.

The NRA, intransigent and hell-bound to uphold the Second Amendment (interpreting the document to its bent), and the weapons industry’s talent for keeping us in fear,

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GUNS: Does Scripture include gun reference?

Re: “Hundreds of gun-rights activists rally” (TNT, 1-16).

State Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, does not support majority vote, the state Legislature or Supreme Court. He states that God gave him the “unalienable right” to carry guns.

Can he name the Scripture where this is indicated? Can he define God? Whoever elected such an irrational politician?

The Bible teaches control in human affairs and compliance with government. Does Shea have a direct line to God? Perhaps God is a NRA member.



GUNS: Read between the NRA lines

Re: The article concerning the upcoming votes on Initiative 591 vs. Initiative 594 (TNT, 10-14).

Readers should note that the National Rifle Association opposes I-594 and has given a paltry amount of money to that effect, but it has not endorsed I-591.

That’s right. The NRA does not support I-591. Surprised?


GUNS: Writer’s attempt at sarcasm misfires

Re: “Why have any limits on weapon ownership?” (letter, 6-21).

If this letter was supposed to be sarcastic or funny, it missed its target. Being absolutely ridiculous is no way to score points for one’s position on such a divisive issue. The letter writer’s comments were so preposterous I won’t even address them but instead criticize The News Tribune for even considering publication of such an obvious ruse.

I love good satire, but this letter exposed total ignorance concerning the NRA’s position on gun rights as well as the opinions of 99.9 percent of its members. Shame on the

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SHOOTINGS: Make it easier to read about mayhem

Reading about the latest shootings in News Tribune articles, I think I’ve come across a great suggestion for your periodical.

Similar to real-estate “pull-outs,” consolidate all the day’s shootings (local, state and national) into a similar section for ease of reading. With the high frequency of such happenings in our country, this should be relatively simple to do. You could even create cross-referencing tables indicating kill rates for different brands of arms and ammo or shooting venues (school, post office, theater, etc.).

I’m sure the NRA would be very interested in advertising. Just a thought.


ELECTION: Angel favors guns over DV victims

This past March, The New York Times wrote a powerful story about how in Washington state gun rights trump orders of protection for the victims of domestic violence.

They told the story of Stephanie Holten from Spokane who obtained a protection order from her husband because he had thrust a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her. The judge’s order prohibited Holten from going within two blocks of Stephanie’s home, but what it didn’t require him to do was surrender his guns.

About 12 hours later, Holten was lying in wait armed with a small semiautomatic rifle. He

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VERDICT: Problem is guns, not racism

The rhetoric of racism surrounding the George Zimmerman trial has only profited the National Rifle Association and the firearms industry, who love to see our attention deflected from guns to race.

According to Justice Department statistics, 93 percent of violent crimes against African Americans are committed by other African Americans, not white people. We have a pandemic of violence in our cities, fueled by the arms industry.

Guns don’t discriminate between different colors. They just kill people. Let blacks, whites and Hispanics stop whining about racism and join as one family to get get guns off our streets.


GUNS: Article inspires gun-safety program

I love when a newspaper article motivates positive action.

Back in February, I read an article regarding discussion in the state Legislature over the importance of gun safety and potential inclusion of the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program in our schools. I have passions for both children’s growth and for gun safety. I’m familiar with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, and for years I’ve kicked around the idea of helping present it to kids in my own community. The article; and the advocacy of several of our legislators, has encouraged me to get

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