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ELECTION: Liberal media giving Obama a pass

Consider this scenario: John McCain, a Republican, was elected president in 2008. After nearly four years he presided over a sluggish economy, added $6 trillion in new debt, the national debt is now $16.4 trillion and growing, spending is out of control, the number of food stamp recipients has doubled to more than 43 million people, our economy is heading for a fiscal cliff, job growth in anemic at best, unemployment is more than 8 percent and our foreign policy is in shambles.

Sound familiar?

If this were the case for McCain, the mainstream media would tear him to shreds

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KUCINICH: Milbank’s pot shot was misdirected

I’m grateful to Dana Milbank (TNT, 3-20) for pointing out the Republicans’ trivial pursuit to defund National Public Radio instead of offering legislation to create jobs and solve our serious problems.

However, I do not appreciate his taking aim at Rep. Dennis Kucinich by referencing his lawsuit against the House cafeteria. He made it sound like Kucinich sued the House cafeteria for sport.

Kucinich purchased a sandwich described as containing “pitted olives” from the House cafeteria. His tooth split in half from biting on an olive pit that wasn’t supposed to be there. He suffered considerable pain and expense and

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COLUMN: Robinson is paid to express his opinion

The author of the letter (TNT, 11-6) claiming that Eugene Robinson’s racism should be cause for losing his job misses the distinction between columnists and reporters.

Columnists are paid to express their opinions, while reporters are paid to be impartial and report only the news. So there is not really a parallel between Juan Williams losing his job at NPR and Robinson. However, I think there is still a huge debate about whether or not Williams should have lost his job over his ill-advised comments on Bill O’Reilly’s program.

Williams appeared on O’Reilly’s program as a guest, not in his

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NPR: Williams was voice of reason on Fox

The firing of Juan Williams by NPR is a puzzlement. While Fox has a majority of conservative viewpoints, Juan is a voice of reason for liberals. He’s a quality journalist, author, civil rights advocate and a staunch supporter of president Obama. I watch the Fox channel, and I’m always interested in Mr. Williams opinion. He gives insightful perspective to what otherwise would be choir music to adamant Republicans.

I think it very interesting and educational that conservatives came immediately to his defense along with some embarrassed liberals. I always thought NPR was good listening for rounded political views, but not

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