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TACOMA: Detainees’ families undergo hardship

There is institutional cruelty ongoing in Tacoma, and we’d better be aware of it.

The Northwest Detention Center on East J Street houses 1,500 detainees, most of whom have done nothing wrong in their lives except to lack documentation. Different groups of people have been at the prison on weekends for the last five or more years to show compassion for the loved ones who visit their detainees.

The stories from the visitors are full of financial and emotional rupture. The situation with detainees’ children is heartbreaking: If there isn’t a relative to care for the children, they are placed

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PRISON: Hunger strike ongoing at detention center

Aren’t prisons supposed to protect citizens from those who have made poor choices? Well, we have a prison right here in Tacoma on 1623 E. J St. for people, two-thirds of whom have done nothing wrong in their lives except to lack proper documentation.

On April 5, about 700 people from all over Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho came to the Northwest Detention Center to support the 700 of the 1,350 detainees on a hunger strike in protest of conditions in the prison and in protest of the continual deportations.

Supporters of the detainees have been at the prison every

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TACOMA: Broken immigration system needs reform

Thanks to Lewis Kamb and The News Tribune for the outstanding article, “Center of Detention” (TNT, 9-9). The Northwest Detention Center is a key piece of a much larger immigration picture, and its presence has profound implications for our city.

Rarely have I seen an article provide the depth and breadth of coverage seen here, and I eagerly await the rest of the series. My hope is that your coverage will help spread awareness of the center, move us to assure acceptable conditions for detainees, mitigate negative impacts on the city and eventually lead to a complete reform of

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