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SONY: Movie cancelled for the wrong reasons

I am saddened by the uproar about Sony’s cancellation of its upcoming movie release. I certainly do not condone the recent cyberattacks, but most people, including the president and many Hollywood actors, are missing the point.

Freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to make public comments that are racially, culturally or ethnically insensitive. Despite how we may feel about North Korean leadership, it is not proper to depict the assassination of a foreign leader in a major motion picture. This movie should never have been made.

I hope that Hollywood will now realize that it has a

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HACKING: US hardly should be pointing fingers

The uproar over the cyberattack on Sony Studios has been in the news. Now Sony has decided not to release for viewing what is reported to be a silly movie anyway.

Many people, including President Obama, are upset because they feel this is an attack on our freedom of speech and on how we live our life in America.

I think we all should keep in mind the fact that our own Homeland Security has been monitoring our phone calls by the millions every day for at least the last decade. Isn’t that an infringement on our privacy, our freedom and our

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SONY: Lighten up, Dear Leader

(Sung to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”)

Kim Jong-Un Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Dear Leader got run over by a reindeer,
Walking near his palace Christmas Eve.
You may say there’s no such thing as karma.
But as for me and Sony, we believe.

It’s always Christmas for Dear Leader.
He’s been busy getting fat.
Eating pork while kids are starving.
Surfing porn and finding movie sites to hack.

There’s nothing funny about North Korea,
Except for poor Dear Leader’s hair.
It doesn’t go with

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MIA: Many still missing from the Korean War

Re: “The last mission: Bringing MIAs home” (editorial, 3-11).

The editorial failed to mention the Korean War missing in action. The Korean War is often referred to as “the forgotten war.”

MIAs from the Korean War still number more than 7,500 – including my dad, who was a B-26 pilot. We are all still hoping for recovery and identification of our loved ones. There have been successful search and recoveries in North Korea since the mid-1990s, but North Korea has prevented such activities for the past few years.

The United States paid North Korea for each search activity. Our

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SYRIA: Obama administration mishandling situation

I am not impressed with the handling of the Syrian situation by this administration. The contradictions and bumbling by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama are almost laughable.

The lack of leadership by this president is catching the attention of countries like Iran, China, North Korea and others. The president was outmaneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syria with a possible solution to this problem.

I wonder how the Normandy invasion would have gone if we had told the Germans what beaches we would land on and when and how many ships and landing craft we had.

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NKOREA: Kim Jong Un is the ‘mouth that roared’

Obviously North Korean leader Kim Jong Un isn’t the brightest egg in the omelet, but he is smart enough to know that if he launched an attack on America he would only have a few minutes left to write his will.

He must have seen the movie “The Mouse That Roared” and decided to try something similar; if he didn’t have the capacity to throw the world into turmoil the whole situation would be comical.

No one knows for sure what has caused him to become so angry, but my guess is that he looked in the mirror when he

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ISRAEL: Dangers of pre-emptive attack on Iran

Charles Krauthammer discusses possible Israeli pre-emptive war with Iran (column, 8-24) without mentioning Israel’s nuclear stockpile estimated (in a national publication) at 75 or more warheads.

If Israel launches a conventional bombing strike at Iran, there are three possible outcomes:

• Most Israeli planes are downed, with limited damage to Iran’s nuclear facilities, some of which are constructed underground.

• Damage by airstrike is considerable, in which case Iran might chance a counterattack, knowing that Israel might escalate to a nuclear strike or the United States might intervene militarily.

• Damage of the initial airstrike is considerable, but Iran

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NORTH KOREA: No tears for human monster

So now its Kim Jong Il’s turn to go out with a whimper. Under his reign, millions of his own people starved while he ate lobster tails with golden chopsticks. Under his command he maintained an army of millions, and developed nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles. He repeatedly threatened neighboring countries with his weapons of mass destruction.

Now North Korea is again in turmoil, and they hate the United States, thanks to Kim’s propaganda machine.

And so another brutal leader is gone, along with Saddam Hussain, Osama bin Laden and other ak-Qaida leaders. And let’s not forget Moammar Gadhafi. Good

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