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DEBT: Norm Dicks’ perk for bringing home the pork

Re: “Rep. Dicks says his six-figure pension is fair (TNT, 2-21).

Norm Dicks has been a congressman for 36 years, and in this time the federal debt has ballooned to an unbelievable amount – from $620 billion to well over $16 trillion. If this were a bank or similar business that the government had bailed out, there would be a public outcry.

His pension is one of the “perks” you get for being a “public servant.” Since these pensions are for life, they never have to live with the decisions they made while in office.

Who knows what other

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ELECTION: Best politicians that money can buy?

As Election Day approaches, some politicians are preparing to personally buy their election, a trend that has become increasingly popular in today’s political climate.

In an effort to remain competitive with Derek Kilmer, Bill Driscoll dumped another $500,000 into his campaign, which, amounts to a total of $1 million in personal spending in this race for the seat of retiring 6th District Congressman Norm Dicks. Driscoll’s campaign consultant, Alex Hays, stated that this action proves the seriousness of Driscoll’s campaign to PACs.

This trend demonstrates how the democratic process has been hijacked by money. The  Supreme Court decision in Citizens

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WILDERNESS: Keep federal hands off

Re: “Preserving wilderness areas vital to maintaining the health of Puget Sound” (Viewpoint, 9-26).

So, Bill Ruckelshaus, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Martha Kongsgaard of the Puget Sound Partnership want to preserve Washington’s wilderness by giving the other 49 states a vote on how Washington should manage its forests.

I guess they did not notice all the forest fires that originated on improperly managed federal lands in Eastern Washington. I guess they do not understand that allowing forests to grow wild creates the ideal conditions for forest fires.

Why do the authors and three members of

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ELECTION: Kilmer is ready for Congress

I am a small business owner in Pierce County. With pluck and humility I have ridden through the recent recession and the one of the early 1990s. When I learned of Derek Kilmer’s campaign for Congress, I became involved.

Kilmer was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula, the son of teachers. Watching friends and families suffer the debilitating effects of the timber industry failure, he had a vision to create jobs, support economic development, protect the environment, and ensure that community and our veterans could thrive. Kilmer respects the balance between small business and broader community concerns.

Kilmer has

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PTSD: Diagnosis shouldn’t derail soldier’s career

I was alarmed by Rep. Norm Dicks’ statement (TNT, 3-24) that Congress may have to step in to prevent those diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from returning to combat zones.

I received a PTSD diagnosis as the result of a sexual assault in the military. I have been treated for the issue and have been found fit for duty. Dicks’ “helpfulness” would result in my being barred from combat duty, effectively causing me to lose my job for being raped. Is that really what they seek to do?

I can guarantee you that once word gets out that

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NORM DICKS: Streets safer, thanks to congressman

Congressman Norm Dicks has been a fantastic leader for our region. We of the prevention and community safety world want to acknowledge him, as well.

In 1989, Dicks responded to the call of law enforcement leaders and Safe Streets to bring together federal agencies to organize efforts to reduce and prevent the extreme proliferation of gangs. With his leadership for criminal justice and prevention funding, residents were able to take back their neighborhoods, rid downtown Tacoma of street drug dealing and make schools safer.

In 2009, when gangs had re-emerged, Dicks sponsored a special appropriation to fund a gang prosecutor,

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NORM DICKS: Editorial gives congressman a pass

I take exception to The News Tribune puff piece on Rep. Norm Dicks (editorial, 2-12). You refused to report the facts in your editorial to curry favor with the 35-year incumbent.

K&L Gates law firm, Dicks’ fourth-largest political contributor, was represented on the Puget Sound Partnership Board, which hired David Dicks as executive director. David Dicks then falsified the urgency of a service contract so as to bypass the work being done by the attorney general’s office.

David Dicks priced the contract at $19,999 so as to bypass the mandatory public bidding process. When it was obvious that would

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CLIMATE: Our winters too cold for pythons

The Burmese pythons now in Florida will cross many state lines and become established in Washington and Oregon by 2100 if temperatures continue to rise, according to a federal study. And Congressman Norm Dicks says that it’s time to make sure that no more of these snakes are allowed to enter the United States or to cross state lines (TNT, 1-16).

The writers of this federal python study, Dicks and perhaps even those Burmese pythons in Florida need to be informed of the NOAA National Climatic Data Center reports indicating that our Northwest winter temperatures have actually been trending

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