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BOEING: Will gets a bashing two-fer

Re: “Anti-Boeing action reflects Obama’s anti-business stance” (George Will column, 5-15).

Will’s anti-union rant is not because he’s trying to show his concern for America; it’s because he wants his disdain for the unions and the president to be well known. He starts out by blaming the National Labor Relations Board for all the ills in the country and then segues, in a very clumsy way, to blame the president for union activities.

He continues on with such hyperbole as “the Obama administration is trying to debilitate the largest aerospace corporation,” knowing full well that the president has bent over

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LABOR: Federal law protects workers, not employers

Re: “Labor’s attack on Boeing sends a chilling message” (Richard S. Davis column, 5-4).

Davis is factually wrong when he says business owners have “the fundamental right … to act in the best interests of customers (and) shareholders.”

While oft repeated, that is not a fact.

Federal law, since the early part of the last century, has guaranteed rights to workers, not employers. Those protections were enshrined in law because of the widespread abuses by employers, which included deadly attacks on workers attempting to organize to obtain respect, safe working conditions and better pay. Some of those occurred in the

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