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GUNS: Harry Reid is right about rich donors

The funding lining up to support Initiative 594 reads like an A-list of the Democratic elite: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, $1 million; Bill and Melinda Gates, $1 million; Nick Hanauer, $1 million; Steve and Connie Ballmer, $600,000; Paul Allen, $500,000.

I personally thought Costco using our state initiative process to change the liquor business was reprehensible, but the funding for I-594 is nothing short of perversion.

It’s my understanding the initiative process was put in place to give the citizens of Washington state an avenue to make or amend laws, not for corporations to increase profit or for wealthy political ideologues to

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EDUCATION: Where’s reform from the WEA?

Re: “Here’s an idea for rich school reformers: Listen to teachers” (Your Voice, 3-11).

Patricia Drake is certainly correct in her summary statement that “We can do better.”

Siding with Washington Education Association (WEA) President Mary Lindquist against millionaire Nick Hanauer, Drake seeks to dismiss his reform agenda as inferior to her 44 years as an educator.

She bemoans the fact that she has no voice when compared to the millionaire, yet if education reform were going to come from the WEA, its more than 53,000 teachers and millions of dollars it has to spend from teacher’s union dues

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ELECTION: Why wait to be taxed? Donate

I continue to be dismayed at the political television ads portraying Bill Gates Sr. and his support of I-1098. Then I read your article about the recent tax debate (TNT, 10-12), which states that Gates Sr. and Nick Hanauer are asking to be taxed, and that the “couple, three four million” they would be taxed is inconsequential to them.

I am underwhelmed by their seeming altruism, and I have a couple of questions: Why must they wait to be taxed? If they are so willing to give money for the betterment of our state, why not just go ahead a

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