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SEAHAWKS: Change rule forcing Marshawn Lynch to talk

The NFL should have an exception that would allow a player like Marshawn Lynch to not deal with the media. Lynch was so uncomfortable during media day Tuesday, one could see and feel his discomfort.

Lynch is a quintessential human being talented on the football field and his personal preference to not speak with the media should be respected.

Can the 12th Man do something to change the NFL rules?


SEAHAWKS: Government shouldn’t promote NFL

What is it with local government promoting a for-profit business called the NFL, comprised of millionaires?

I have seen signs by local governments, schools and buses plastered with “Go Seahawks.” I know of local government rallies to be held promoting the NFL.

I don’t see rallies for the profits of Boeing or State Farm in Tacoma. I don’t see the governments rallying for my brother-in-law’s business. Where is his free advertising?

Look around. Local government is promoting a for-profit business whose employees are millionaires. What’s up with that?

If government can’t sing the praises of local businesses, what right do

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DRUGS: Do MLB and NFL really mean it?

Repeated news stories indicate that the owners and commissioners of major league sports will stop at nothing to eliminate the use of performance enhancing drugs in both the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Does this mean that we will no longer see advertisements for Viagra, Cialis or similar performance-enhancing drugs during televised football or baseball games? Or are they only concerned with active players’ “performance” on the playing fields?


NFL: New restrictions will penalize some fans

The NFL has announced all the things you can’t take into stadiums now (TNT, 6-13). I get security. But many, including myself, can’t sit on hard surfaces for hours due to sciatica, low-back problems or other reasons.

How long do you think it will take the NFL to open booths so they can charge $10 or more to rent stadium seats and make money off of these restrictions? And how many companies that make and sell stadium seats and have paid fees to the NFL for licenses to use NFL logos will now be out of business?


MATH: Where’s acclaim for superb students?

Re: “Praising math successes part of fostering big change” (TNT, 4-24).

I’m a volunteer math mentor for students struggling to pass the state math test in order to graduate, so I read Professor Katie Baird’s column with interest.

Almost every time I volunteer in a math class, I hear the complaint from a student, “I don’t need to know math.” I explain that even if you aren’t planning to be a mathematician or a scientist, math teaches you logic and problem-solving skills that you will use in any walk of life.

Our society has it backwards. We heap praise

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SUPER BOWL: Ads pollute family tradition

I watched the Super Bowl with my 8-year-old grandson. He played football this past fall and is an avid fan. He described the different plays to us and called out penalties that he observed. I enjoyed watching him enjoying the Super Bowl.

That changed when the Super Bowl ads started airing. Super Bowl advertisers in the past have produced some memorable ads that appealed to a wide variety of audience. Most of us remember the Mean Joe Green Coke ad. I was appalled seeing my grandson exposed to suggestive advertising, no, make that borderline pornographic

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TACOMA: Cost of study could fill a lot of potholes

Re: “Dome not suited for pro teams, study says” (TNT, 12-21).

Improbable. Unrealistic. Doubtful. Dubious.

These were the words used by Lewis Kamb in his article highlighting the findings of the $95,000 study regarding the Tacoma Dome’s feasibility as a venue for professional sports.

At a time when so many folks are without work and the city is in rough financial waters, I would like to offer a few words of my own regarding the Tacoma City Council’s decision to fund such a study: It is wasteful.

Mayor Marilyn Strickland, who reportedly pushed for the feasibility study, is quoted

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NFL: Turn angst into a positive

Riled up over Monday’s NFL call? Here’s an idea: Every time you feel your stomach churn, take out a dollar and put it on the table. In a short time you’ll have a stack of bills. Put these in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and address it to your favorite homeless shelter.

A child might sleep with a full stomach and a roof over her head because of you. And the great and glorious game of football will go on.