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ELECTION: Pitts quick to call Republicans racist

Re: “The black and white of political code speak at election time” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 9-2).

I am tired of Pitts invariably accusing Republicans of being racist. He references Vice President Joe Biden’s accusation that Mitt Romney wants to “put y’all back in chains” as just a foolish comment, while Newt Gingrich’s accusation that the president is the “food stamp president” is disingenuous and hypocritical (essentially racist).

Gingrich’s reference is factual and points out that this economy has driven more people into the program, most of whom are white. However there’s no mistaking Biden’s reference to slavery as

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GOP: Religion and the election

Rick Santorum must have slept through his constitutional law class. Separation between church and state is one of the hallmarks of the U.S. that made this country great. Just observe the many punitive theocracies that exist in the world.

Santorum clearly doesn’t respect the separation between church and state, and his ultra-conservative views on contraception, abortion and gay people and his disdain for higher education make it surprising that Romney didn’t eke out bigger leads against him in the Super Tuesday results.

The race continues. Observers on either side simply can’t look away. Barbara Bush (senior) remarked that the race

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GOP: Candidates seem unqualified to lead

Whatever happened to the Grand Old Party?

I tend to vote for those who I think will be best qualified at the time to solve the current problems of our country. So I have on occasion voted in Republicans.

The people put forth this time by the GOP seem all underqualified to lead this country. Mitt Romney was seen as an unelectable opportunist four years ago. Newt Gingrich was already done in in the 1990s after his government shutdown debacle and his philandering. Ron Paul participates just out of habit, not expecting to be elected. And Rick Santorum, the Catholic

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GOP: Government according to the Bible?

I remember when it was prudent to refrain from invoking the Bible or testifying how Christian, or what type of Christian, a candidate might be. John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, proclaimed he wouldn’t be beholden to the Vatican were he elected president; he would serve as president according to the Constitution.

It was understood this was how it is. After all, governmental powers and limitations are constructed by the Constitution, not the Bible. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich would have you believe government should be run in accordance with biblical principles.

This is opposite what the founding fathers imagined. The

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PACS: Look what Supreme Court hath wrought

Re: “Myths only serve to add confusion over super PACs” (Robert J. Samuelson column, 2-21).

I find it very interesting that in a column about super PACs, Samuelson fails to mention the U.S. Supreme Court decision that brought them about. In 2010’s Citizens United v. FEC decision, the court determined that corporations are essentially people, and the super PAC was “born.” This followed the Buckley v. Valeo ruling that defined money as speech, and thus could not be limited.

These two court decisions combined to break the back of the campaign finance reform laws that were achieved amidst the

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ROMNEY: Trump endorsement pitiful

Re: Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

It is clear to the most moderately intelligent observer that the GOP has already ceded the 2012 election to President Obama.

The party’s serious candidates – Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and David Petraeus – have deferred until 2016. This leaves the Republican stage crowded with clowns and losers.

Newt Gingrich was rejected by his own party in a previous Congress. Rick Santorum lost his last election by double digits. The Donald and the Willard can only be regarded as Marie Antoinettes in gray flannel.

It is sad to see the

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PARKER: TNT should make its own endorsements

Re: “Is Romney ‘too perfect’ for voters to identify with?” (Kathleen Parker column, 2-1).

This was yet another in a series of columns by Parker either championing Mitt Romney or attacking his Republican opponents.

Parker, known as a moderate conservative, clearly has chosen her candidate and will do her best to use her column to see that he receives the Republican nomination.

Let’s look back on some of Parker’s other columns that have appeared in The News Tribune.

There was “Maybe Romney’s flip-flops were sincere changes of heart” (TNT, 12-1), in which she explains away Romney’s apparent lack

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GOP: 2012 – the year the elephant died

Barack Obama might as well write his inauguration speech now. The Republican Party is fractured in a way that no election-year political party should be. This summer’s convention is looking to be a drawn-out mess of multiple ballots and voting between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

That is, of course, unless Romney truly destroys Gingrich in Florida and on Super Tuesday. And then the GOP will have a candidate that makes Jeb Bush look appealing.

A wishy-washy venture capitalist from Massachusetts and cut from the same cloth as John Kerry is no way for the Republicans to appeal to the

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