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NCAA: Unionizing takes focus off the future

Unionizing players in NCAA athletics is one more step to take education out of collegiate athletics.

The reason student-athletes go to college is to be student-athletes. The purpose of college is an education, to build a knowledge basis for a career to support the student for the rest of their lives.

These particular students already have their educations fully paid for, an opportunity many have to fight tooth and nail to get. The careers a higher education can offer a pathway to have a much higher chance of supporting the students for their entire lives.

Student-athletes should focus on their

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GONZAGA: Inland Empire features best team in US

Yes, indeed, Spokane is the home of Gonzaga University and the No. 1 basketball team in the land. After sparse, mostly Associated Press articles last week, I finally spotted a much-deserved sports-front headline Monday morning. But sadly, the coverage was mostly about the losing UW and WSU programs. What gives?

Combined, the UW and WSU student populations are 50,000 while GU is 5,000. An interesting David and Goliath, for sure, but there are many great things to write about the little school that could, including another trip to the NCAA Tournament (not the NIT) and this time a probable No.

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CULTURE: Don’t expect decrease in depravity

While NCAA officials have deflated Penn State’s football program, it wasn’t “football that was placed ahead of educating, nurturing and protecting young people,”as NCAA President Mark Emmert said.

What drove the football down the Nittany Lions’ field, keeps scantily clad celebrities on stage, motivates politicians to promote gambling and besmirches the movie industry is a very low common denominator: sacrifice principle, preserve profitability.

It’s not where, or whether, the pigskin flies but rather the pigsty where America feeds that recent national events have exposed.

The folks responsible for what is shown in theaters, for example, have been looking inward lately

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