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ARENA: Taxpayers will end up paying

You have a very bright editorial staff, who endorsed the latest Seattle arena proposal, asking, “What’s not to like?” (TNT, 2-21).

You say: “Taxpayers wouldn’t be asked to come up with a dime for any of it.” And “The remainder of the $500 million cost would be paid by team rent and taxes generated by the arena.”

Moreover, you quote King County Executive Dow Constantine as saying, “Only two other pro-sports arenas in the country would have more private investment.”

If taxpayers won’t be asked to come up with a dime, how could any sports arena have “more” private

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NBA: Can’t Portland and Seattle share a team?

Pro basketball is a passionate sport to a minority of folks. I suggest supporting and sharing an established team like Portland’s for example. Could even have a few games played in Seattle, providing the locals a team to identify with and cheer for at much less expense.


TACOMA: ANWAR drilling, yes; NBA, no

Economic development occurs when more dollars flow into a community than flow out. Wasting public money trying to bring professional sports to Tacoma would do the opposite, even if successful.

Team owners won’t live here; players won’t live here; advertising, accounting, broadcasting, public relations and sports agents won’t live here. But they’ll gladly gather up big entertainment dollars paid by the local citizens and export them to wherever they do live. The hot dog sales and parking fees gained locally would be peanuts (pun intended).

If local leaders want to revive the area economically, best they put their influence into

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NBA: A thank-you note to LeBron James

I’d like to congratulate LeBron James. He got me to do something I haven’t done in many years – actually pay attention to the NBA finals.

I’d venture to guess at the NBA offices they’re singing the praises of LeBron’s choice to air “The Decision” – the show that turned the brightest star the game had into its most hated villain in under half an hour.

The NBA is also probably sending high fives to the Miami Heat for that smoke and laser light show to celebrate the arrival of the “Big 3.” And the proclamation they made about “five,

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SEATTLE NBA: Basketball economics must change

There’s much speculation about a possible relocation of Charlotte’s troubled NBA franchise to Seattle.

Current economics have ravaged every aspect of society and a number of NBA franchises are now bleeding financially on many fronts. The economic model screams for change; basketball must adapt or it will continue to erode its own foundation, the fans. The economic equation must include making it affordable again to the fan base so they can support NBA basketball.

Before we can even think about jumping back into bed with David Stern and the NBA helping him bail out his sinking ship, we must first

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