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SPORTS: We can do without the chest-thumping

Perhaps I’m being too much of an old fogey, but I miss the grace and humility that was displayed by the athletes of my youth. A case in point is provided by the recent Cleveland-Golden State NBA playoff game. Major chest thumping and other look-at-me histrionics were in evidence all during the game.

One of the Cleveland Cavaliers boasted he was “the greatest player in the world” – and this after his team had lost the game! I probably don’t need to tell you who that player was.

In my humble opinion, it’s better to allow others to praise our

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SPORTS: Tacoma Dome could host NBA/NFL teams

In the past few years there has been renewed talk of bringing the NBA back to Seattle along with an NHL team. I think that Seattle has enough professional sports.

Tacoma and Pierce County are losing out on an opportunity for potential substantial economic development.

Tacoma is a perfect opportunity for investor Chris Hansen, the prime lobbyist who want to build a new arena in Seattle. Let’s just sell the Tacoma Dome. The highways are better suited for access, and the Tacoma Dome has more capacity than Seattle’s Key Arena.

Tacoma and Pierce County are in a new chapter of economic growth; this

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NHL: Hockey expansion is a real possibility

Ninety-six years ago, the Seattle Metropolitans became the first U.S. hockey team to win the Stanley Cup, and it would be good if the centennial season of 2016-17 could be celebrated with the return of a new team to a new stadium in Seattle.

One option whereby this could happen is by moving an existing franchise to Seattle, but the planned NHL realignment, with two teams shifting to the Eastern Conference, and only Winnipeg shifting from East to West, will leave the West with only 14 teams, seven in each of two divisions.

So, unlike the case of the NBA,

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SPORTS: Time to bring the NHL to Seattle

Re: “NHL fans, buckle up: Talk of Seattle team gaining speed” (John McGrath column, 6-17).

The Northwest is a professional sports area. We have the Seahawks, the Mariners and the Sounders. We had the Sonics since 1967 until Clay Bennett and the NBA maneuvered a move to Oklahoma City. They won and we lost.
The latest attempt to relocate a failing NBA team back to Seattle fell on deaf ears. Chris Hansen and his investment group put together an extremely solid financial package for the Sacramento Kings and a privately financed arena with no taxpayer money. What a

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NBA: We want our Sonics back

The Seattle Sonics were moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 after the city failed to agree on building a new arena with Sonic owners. Since then, the Hansen group has a binding agreement to purchase the Sacramento Kings. It has binding agreements in place to build a new stadium and move the Kings to Seattle and bring Sonics basketball back. Now the NBA Relocation Committee has voted unanimously in favor of the Kings staying in Sacramento.

We want our Sonics back. If the NBA is not willing to let us have a expansion team or let us buy a team

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SONICS: No hard feelings, Sacramento

Less than five years ago, Seattle and Tacoma basketball fans, politicians, sports writers and TV sports announcers were in an uproar, with much wailing and strong feelings about being cheated by that horrible Oklahoma City crowd for stealing our beloved SuperSonics away from us.

Now a great hubbub has arisen in our area as fans, politicians, sports writers and announcers excitedly celebrate the almost certain feat of “stealing” the Sacramento Kings away from their fans.

Hey, no hard feelings, Sacramento, OK? We’ll take good care of your team.

Perhaps the whole affair can be summed up in a strange twist

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SPORTS: Region already has pro basketball team

Sports writers cheer Seattle getting back a professional basketball team. Yet we have had a professional team in the Puget Sound area ever since the Sonics left, thanks to the courage of the four women who bought the Seattle Storm WNBA team.

The Storm has brought home two championship trophies, made the finals in eight of their 11 years and are role models for their community. So let’s give the Storm some of the recognition and credit they are due and stop acting like we didn’t have a professional basketball team the last several years.

Go, Storm!


TACOMA: Dome consultants missed the point

Regarding the Tacoma Dome study (TNT, 12-21), the consultants missed a critical point.

The question asked by the consultants to Seattle and King County corporate entities was whether they would support a Tacoma professional team, such as the Tacoma Kings. The question should have been would they support the Seattle Supersonics playing in the Tacoma Dome – a totally different question that would of elicited a totally different response.

The concept is not as far-fetched as you may think. During the renovation of the Key Arena in 1994/95, the Sonics played in the Tacoma Dome and ranked 13th in

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