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MILITARY: Where is the promised support?

Re: “State rebuffs Navy training site request” (TNT, 3-3).

Here we go again. The state has rejected the Navy’s request to use land. It says that hundreds have opposed the proposal by the Navy to use the Olympic Peninsula for electronic warfare training.

Not too long ago, hundreds of individuals, local business owners, and local and state officials gathered to beg the military not to downsize its force here in Washington. That reduction in personnel means big reductions in money (some estimate billions) into local coffers. Those same individuals also asked/pledged to do whatever to keep the military presence strong.

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NUKES: Officers’ cheating reflects lax mentality

Re: “Cheating on nuke exams endemic” (TNT, 1-26).

Many officers who hold the keys to nuclear weapons cheated on proficiency tests, and this has been a major problem for decades. Air Force officials attempted to downplay this problem saying that “there is no potential for a nuclear mistake because several backup procedures are in place.”

We Puget Sound area residents wonder whether this endemic cheating mentality is present in the naval officers who manage the nuclear warheads at the Navy’s Bangor Trident submarine base near Bremerton. And we wonder whether dishonesty is linked with complacency, which could result in

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ELECTION: President reveals his ignorance

President Obama’s reference to “horses and bayonets” in Monday’s debate while discussing the size of our Navy reveals ignorance. As commander in chief, you’d think he’d have a better grasp of why it’s important to have a navy which surpasses all other navies, not only in quality, but also in quantity.

Prior to World War II, the Navy spent much of its resources on building battleships. It wasn’t until the attack on Pearl Harbor that America fully realized, belatedly, that the aircraft carrier was the “future.” As a result, there was a mad rush to build carriers.

The aircraft carrier

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NAVY: Top-down review needed

The Navy fires the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise for some videos he made a few years ago. Is the Navy brain-dead, or is me, after 26 years in the Air Force?

The Navy brass has their head in the wrong place. If the executive officer of the USS Enterprise made the videos and they were shown on the ship’s video system, than the commanding officer had to know it. Do a top-down review and fire some top Navy flag officers.