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OBAMA: Why leak information helpful to the enemy?

Our president allowed detailed information leaked about the taking down of Osama bin Laden. The operation was undertaken about a group that never leaks details, the Navy Seals. They were put in great danger.

Now he has allowed specific information about an intercepted telephone call to be leaked, “secret” information from the National Security Council.

Why? Ego, politics, or aiding and abetting the enemy?


BIN LADEN: Manner of death doesn’t matter

Re: “SEAL’s book differs from official account” (TNT, 8-30).

After all the Americans Osama bin Laden killed, or had killed, how can the manner of his demise matter to us? Why should he simply have been detained? He waged war on us, and in war people are shot – on purpose.

The controversy escapes me. I suppose it is important only to the media that wish to create news and certain Republicans who wish to denounce the Obama administration for whatever they can find, real or imagined.


WAR: Collateral damage acceptable to protect U.S. troops

We should never go to war unless we are willing to use any and every means at our disposal to defeat the enemy and protect American lives.

No person with a conscience wants innocent civilians to be killed. But now, in this time of political correctness run amok, we are so concerned about collateral damage that we put our brave young men and women in much greater danger.

Did we needlessly sacrifice the lives of the 30 Navy SEALs by sending in an attack helicopter that could be brought down by a shoulder-launched rocket-propelled grenade when we might have been

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