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RUSSIA: Little wonder Putin feels threatened

Re: “Firm response to Putin now could avert worse later” (editorial, 6-24).

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin is not to be trusted, it is understandable that he and Russia experience threat due to the ever eastward expansion of NATO.

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, West Germany’s foreign minister assured Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not take advantage and expand ever more eastward. This assurance gave Gorbachev the ability to reunify Germany and delete the Iron Curtain.

Since then, NATO has come ever closer to the Russian borders and its security zone, with the result of Putin

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WAR: Don’t minimize horrible situations

Re: “Did the surge succeed?” (editorial, 9-30).

The editorial describes “the relative stability of Iraq – where the army’s counter-insurgency tactics did finally prevail.” Twenty-four hours later, a headline reads, “Series of attacks kills at least 26: Coordinated bombings point to continued instability” (TNT, 10-1).

The attempt to minimize the enormous impact by U.S. and NATO military and contract warriors by suggesting relative peaceful results supports and reinforces the denial which apparently pervades much of public thinking and lack of appropriate behavior.

The editorial continues with, “One unambiguous result, namely, fewer U.S. troops will be dying.” Nonsense! We

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PROTESTS: Freedom shouldn’t be abused

Among the many freedoms we Americans hold dear is the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government to address our concerns, but some of the protests that have been taking place in recent days have been pushing the envelope.

When do what are supposed to be peaceful gatherings cross over the line and become lawless rampages that allow protesters to spew their venom, disrupt emergency services and tie-up law enforcement officers who are needed in other areas?

During the recent NATO summit gathering in Chicago, many of the protesters behaved far more like malcontents just looking for an excuse

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