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RACE: Couldn’t a real Native American be found to play Tonto?

The latest fiasco involving Paula Deen is horrible. You would think that in the year 2013 we would not have to put up with the shortcomings of racists in our national media. Her products should be taken off the shelves of our stores as a way of public protest, a way of saying the American public just won’t put up with this type of behavior anymore.

Along with Deen, maybe we should rethink buying “Lone Ranger” products as well. Isn’t it also racist to have a white person portraying a Native American in the movie? Johnny Depp has said that

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MASCOTS: Focus on education, not PC

Re: “Board urges schools to drop Indian mascots” (TNT, 9-29).

The state Board of Education needs to be more concerned with quality of education in our schools than worrying about school mascot names with Indian themes such as the Braves, Warriors, etc. Not everyone conjures up a negative image when they see a team using an Indian name. I have always visualized a positive image, a tough Indian warrior on a horse, which is a proud part of Indian heritage.

Let’s examine other mascot names:

• Vikings – Wikipedia describes Vikings as Norse explorers, warriors and pirates who raided,

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