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GUNS: Problem is not the weapon

A few days ago, a football player in a national league team shot and killed his girlfriend and then himself.

As usual, the liberals are using the tragedy to condemn gun ownership, and, as usual, they are blaming others for this man’s violence. They are even going as far as to blame others for gun violence in the entire black community, saying it is a conspiracy by the National Rifle Association.

The truth is, if the weapon were not a gun, it would have been a knife. If it weren’t a knife, it would have been a bat. If it

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NRA: Kill pro-gun license plate bill

A Washington State Patrol trooper is shot and killed on duty. A 9-year-old girl is shot at school. A person is shot outside a South End motel. And the Legislature is considering a law to allow “special” license plates for the National Rifle Association!

The lame excuse is money for safety training. However, that training money should rightfully come from license fees for hunting and weapons. The NRA is not a charity; it is a powerful lobbying group.

Seeing automobile license plates with the NRA designation will degrade the image of our state. To imagine the incarcerated felons making license

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