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CASINOS: Don’t intrude on national parks

Re: “Casino battles heat up” (TNT, 7-7).

The issues involved are complicated. But, after reading the whole article and thinking about some of the numerous possible viewpoints, I do end up believing this one is simple: Nobody, Native American, private business entity or anyone else, should be allowed to develop a casino of any scale anywhere near any entrance to or boundary of any national park, let alone inside one.

We have already violated the genuine “sanctity” of far too many national parks, and other designated and protected (or exploited) public lands for far too long. We must stop.

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RAINIER: Bedlam in the wilderness skies

Re: “Park flight fight hits turbulence” (TNT, 4-25).

I live near Mount Rainier. Air traffic has increased dramatically, especially military: helicopters and twin-engine Sherpas flying low to the ground even at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., rattling windows, heading to Yakima.

Then there are search-and-rescue aircraft, National Park Service-contracted aircraft, and commercial and private sightseeing aircraft. My once peaceful neighborhood is now noisy with the drone and thumping of aircraft.

Camping on Stevens Ridge, two miles into the wilderness, we couldn’t hear each other talk from the low-flying park service helicopter. On Panorama Point, it is common to see aircraft

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