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RAINIER: One idea could enhance safety

Re: “Life and death on the mountain” (TNT, 2-19).

The National Park Service staff working up on Mount Rainier should be applauded for their efforts to make visitor trips to the park as safe as possible. However, education, technology, and search and rescue staff can only go so far.

Having worked on the mountain, and taken more than 100 trips to the summit, I’ve always wondered why the park has not implemented a simple solution that certainly would have prevented many fatalities in the past.

When driving up to Paradise in the winter, the road is lined with 8-foot

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SHOOTING: Take pride in National Park Service

I attended the moving memorial for Margaret Anderson, the Mount Rainier National Park ranger who was slain on New Year’s Day. As a professor at Pacific Lutheran University and a daughter of a retired law enforcement park ranger, I find myself reflecting on their noble profession and how it affects us all.

At the memorial, leaders offered remembrances of a woman whose passion was to care for nature and keep it safe for us and for generations to come. Many people do not realize how dangerous the job of a park ranger can be.

I remember nights wondering about my

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SHOOTING: Community can be proud of response

Tuesday, the Anderson family, the National Park Service and this community memorialized Mount Rainier National Park Ranger Margaret Anderson. She was doing her job, pursuing her mission – a mission which often involves risk – when her life was taken from her.

The response to the call by personnel from the park service, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, the FBI and the Tacoma Police Department showed tremendous skill, courage and compassion. The community can be proud of the talent, the heart and the close working relationship shown by deputies, police officers and federal law enforcement personnel.

We honor Anderson for

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LAWSUIT: Other side of goat-goring

Re: “Goat-goring lawsuit is ridiculous” (letter, 8-11).

I represent the family of the man killed by the 350-pound goat. It is sad but so prevalent that people make judgments about situations and cases with no knowledge of the facts. Here are some facts in this case:

  • This goat was unusually large and very aggressive.
  • National park policies require that aggressive animals that regularly come near humans be removed or killed, before someone gets hurt.
  • The National Park Service knew for four years that this animal regularly and aggressively encountered human beings.
  • The park service shot and killed an

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PARKS: Support decision on Carbon River Road

I was pleased to read Craig Hill’s article, “Carbon River trail coming” (TNT, 2-11). The decision to convert most of the Carbon River Road to a trail is the correct decision.

As quoted in the article, Mount Rainier National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga made this very difficult decision after careful consideration of the options before him and what makes the most sense for the Park Service, the public and the park itself.

Since 1977, damage to the Carbon River Road from flooding has occurred an average of every 2.4 years; a road here is no longer feasible due to continual

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