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MILITARY: Our soldiers deserve better process

Re: “Soldier can’t go forward, can’t go back” (TNT, 4-13).

I know all too well the delays that Sgt. Chris Peden is talking about. I am an Army Reserve soldier and have been in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) process since December 2011. When the Army and Veterans Affairs talk about processing times, they are talking about goal timelines. My case is at 825 days.

Reserve and National Guard soldiers have an even bigger problem than active-duty soldiers. We must prove that our injuries either happened during a period of active service of more than 30 days or

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MILITARY: Reservists’ viewpoint missing

Re: “Are weekend warriors paid too much?” (TNT, 7-3).

The article may have been the result of a Pentagon review of compensation, but notably missing was any feedback from actual Reservists.

Should anyone have asked, I suspect that most Reservists would point out that they contribute far more time to the Army than they are paid to do. As a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, I work 10 to 20 additional hours per week, mostly in the evenings, fulfilling my obligations to the Army. I write evaluations, answer emails, develop plans, even respond to congressional investigations.

We are

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TILLICUM: Good idea was summarily dismissed

We agree with Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz (Viewpoint, 7-31). Tillicum has benefited over the last few years with improved policing and upgraded infrastructure. Money, time and energy have been spent; let’s not undo the good that’s been done.

Improvements to Portland Avenue were completed last year, and work is continuing on some residential streets. Why now tear up Portland to accommodate a new Camp Murray gate? The $5.9 million federal and unspecified local tax dollars earmarked for this project should be used more effectively.

A solution has been previously suggested and summarily dismissed, but should be investigated: Using

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