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DEBT: Congress should heed former senator’s words

If only our congressional team would take heed of retired Sen. Alan Simpson’s words Tuesday on CNBC: “Play small-ball and 10 to 15 years from now your country will be sucking canal water, and that’s the way it is. It’s called the debt. It’s $17.3 trillion, heading for 20, and at some point the people who have loaned us 20 trillion bucks will say you’ve got a dysfunctional government and you’ve got a Congress that doesn’t work.”

He also pointed to our Social Security system, whose future solvency has been neglected for decades.

Why is this all happening? I believe

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BUDGET: Rein in spending – or else

Twenty years ago, America’s national debt was a little more than $4 trillion. Now it is $17 trillion, and by the year 2020 the interest on the debt will probably be $1 trillion a year.

The root of the problem lies in the fact that Congress simply cannot or will not control the runaway spending that has put us in this position, and the only logical solution is a balanced budget amendment.

If such an amendment were adopted today, in 20 years what we owe now would seem small by comparison, and I believe Americans would approve of a small

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DEBT: The new normal?

Eugene Robinson writes a lot of insightful material, and today’s column (TNT, 10-22) is no different.

Exhorting the federal government to focus on growth rather than debt, he writes that the national deficit peaked at $1.4 trillion in 2009 and has since been declining. According to Robinson, “the flow of red ink is returning to normal.”

Therein lies a concise explanation of why our national finances are in a shambles and why there are regular debt crises. Is it now impossible to have growth and still balance a budget?


DEBT: Present course is unsustainable

Our government reached another milestone under the Obama administration. The national debt has soared over the $17 trillion mark and increasing at an astonishing rate. The debt soared $328 billion last Thursday alone!

Under President Obama, the debt has increased nearly 60 percent from 2008 with no end in sight. Economic experts say this situation poses a major threat to our economy and cannot be sustained. By the time Obama leaves office in 2016, the debt would be over $21 trillion.

This is absolute insanity, and nobody in the White House or the liberal media seems to care about it.

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NSA: How many is too many?

In a recent interview, President Obama stated that the number of individual court orders issued to wiretap private citizens’ phone numbers was surprisingly small. Compared to what? The federal debt is in excess of $17 trillion, and Obama isn’t too concerned with the size of that number.


DEFICIT: Krugman being dishonest about problem

Re: “We’re cheating our children, but it’s not about the deficit” (Paul Krugman column,3-31).

Krugman dismisses concern of a national debt growing at about $4 billion per day by proclaiming there is no problem.

I understand that our deficit of about 10 percent of our annual gross domestic product is at a dangerous level. We owe money to China. Furthermore Krugman proposes more government spending (with inevitable taxation), which hurts the economy and jobs.

Krugman is being disingenuous if not dishonest.


DEBT: Our nation’s sinkhole is growing

For many years under the house at 240 Faithway Drive in Seffner, Fla., a gigantic sinkhole was forming. As other sinkholes in Florida, it got bigger and bigger every year. No one knew about the problem until the night of Feb. 28. Jeff Bush, while sleeping in his bed, was pulled down through his floor over 100 feet deep to his death.

Like the sinkhole in Florida, our nation’s debt is also growing every day. We all watch as the debt grows faster and faster every year. Unlike the sinkhole, we can see it and do something about it. Unfortunately,

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DEBT: Norm Dicks’ perk for bringing home the pork

Re: “Rep. Dicks says his six-figure pension is fair (TNT, 2-21).

Norm Dicks has been a congressman for 36 years, and in this time the federal debt has ballooned to an unbelievable amount – from $620 billion to well over $16 trillion. If this were a bank or similar business that the government had bailed out, there would be a public outcry.

His pension is one of the “perks” you get for being a “public servant.” Since these pensions are for life, they never have to live with the decisions they made while in office.

Who knows what other

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