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ELECTION: Schlicher’s voice needed in the House

Dr. Nathan Schlicher has deep roots in the 26th District and a commitment to volunteer service. He and his wife Jessica, also a doctor, have been frequent volunteers at the Key Peninsula Free Clinic. He is active in his church and Midday Rotary of Gig Harbor.

Schlicher’s health care experience was put to good use in Olympia when his proposal saved taxpayers $30 million. His commitment to mental health services is another area where his expertise will be invaluable.

The Schlichers have three children who will be in the public school system, and his parents were teachers. Quality education and

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POLITICS: GOP control bad for workers

An independent study revealed a correlation between reducing unemployment and increased use of food stamps.

When people take low-wage jobs or are underemployed – largely resulting from loss of employment starting about 10 years ago, and with more and more people taking low-wage jobs and lower-income families living on income from one family member – reliance on food stamps goes up. In both cases the underemployed are taking food stamps to provide needed family subsistence.

Underemployment is especially important because of legislation (SB 6307) sponsored by Republicans during the last session to preempt every local attempt to improve working conditions.

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ELECTION: Support Schlicher for 26th District House seat

Nathan Schlicher, Democratic candidate for House Position 1 in the 26th District, is cut from the same cloth as Congressman Derek Kilmer.

Schlicher, a physician, is a hard-working, dedicated and thoughtful public servant. It’s not an easy choice to run for office. It can be an exhausting, expensive and thankless task. I am excited that Schlicher decided to run again. We should be so lucky to have him in Olympia speaking out for health care, education and the middle class.

Schlicher is open, honest, smart, and focused with excellent communication skills and a good sense of humor to boot. He

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ELECTION: Half-truths and spin from Schlicher campaign

In the Jan Angel-Nathan Schlicher state Senate race, Schlicher and the state Democratic Party have broken all records for dirty campaigning. Half-truths about one’s opponent are lies, and embellishing one’s own record is cheating.

If you believe state Democrats, Angel’s House votes have amounted to Dickensian oppression of women and children. In reality, they were appropriate responses to ill-conceived and incoherent Democrat-sponsored bills. Thankfully, this year the Senate Majority Conservative Coalition deflected most of these.

Most concerning, Schlicher and friends repeatedly tout his work on health care legislation prior to his appointment as state senator, claiming that he singlehandedly saved

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ELECTION: Lantz misstates Angel’s vote on gun bill

Re: “Angel favors guns over DV victims” (letter, 10-29).

It’s appropriate to deny violent offenders possession of a gun. The claim, however, made by former state Rep. Pat Lantz, that HB 1840 is “common sense legislation,” is far from accurate.

The problem with this bill is that it goes way too far in denying people their constitutional rights. People who have committed no crime would be subject to felony possession charges if they didn’t surrender their guns. This could be caused by an order of protection, or restraining order, which can be granted without any proof of a crime

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ELECTION: Schlicher supports women’s reproductive rights

Elections matter, and 2013 is no exception. Voters in Gig Harbor and Kitsap County face a decision between state Sen. Nathan Schlicher and state Rep. Jan Angel. It’s a clear choice between living up to or abandoning our values.

Angel co-sponsored a bill that would criminalize abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the woman is in danger. HB 1656 also would have made most forms of birth control illegal and could have made it a crime for emergency contraception to be administered to rape victims in the hospital.

Additionally, Angel opposes the Reproductive Parity

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ELECTION: Quit with the negative campaigning

My mailbox has been filling up with a new species of negative campaigning: the “personal” letter from Port Orchard supporters of Jan Angel that either lie about Nathan Schlicher’s political views or complain that her views are the subject of lying by the Schlicher campaign. They then try to inflate Angel’s modest to nonexistent accomplishments during her several years in office.

Do away with negative campaigning. The 26th District is full of well-educated people who know how to evaluate evidence. They also know how to evaluate a candidate’s clear, positive statement of what legislation they will initiate/support to solve those

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ELECTION: Schlicher offers compassion, intelligence

I am very happy that I voted for Nathan Schlicher for state senator in the 26th District. We need his compassion and intelligence to continue to help guide our state through all the pressing issues we are facing.

As an emergency room doctor, he has a great perspective for implementing health care reform. With his science background he will be instrumental in our efforts to prepare for climate change. His experience in law is very useful in understanding the legal ramification for transportation and business.

I appreciate his personal responses to all my questions and emails. He makes me feel

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