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TRADE: Is TPP another Obamacare?

Re: “Give Obama authority to deliver Pacific trade pact” (editorial, 3-25).

Your editorial speaks favorably about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP concept is sound and certainly could be good for the state of Washington. However, allowing another the power to negotiate a fast track of the unknown on your behalf is about trust.

I do not trust President Barack Obama. I find it unbelievable that you do.

Does not: “Congress should give Obama fast track authority, let him bring home a treaty, then give it a close look” come eerily close to Nancy Pelosi’s comment about Obamacare: “We have

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CONGRESS: Republicans aren’t so easy to herd

Re: “Republicans in Congress adrift, out of control” (Eugene Robinson column, 3-17).

Robinson suggests that the Democratic Party, as directed by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, looks like a model of unity and discipline when compared to the Republican Party.

It is easier to lead a herd whose common and primary goal is bigger government. When in charge, we know that those two generally did not allow legislation that did not lead to that goal to arrive at President Obama’s desk. Legislators who positively contribute individually to the entrepreneurial spirit are more difficult to corral.


ELECTION: GOP reacted petulantly to Obama

Re: “Enough with all the whining” (letter, 11-14).

The writer states that the job performance of President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and their cohorts was unfavorable with the majority of voters. Included was the statement that “there will be other elections.”

Translation: “You win some, you lose some. Stop whining when you lose.”

But the GOP didn’t heed that advice. On the day that President Obama was sworn in, top Republicans were already plotting to undermine everything the new president tried to do. The same action was taken after Obama’s re-election of President Obama.


ELECTION: Enough with all the whining

I’d like to respond to the letter-writer who believes that the recent election results did not accurately reflect the feelings of the American people, but rather were an indication that those evil, racist, powerful, ignorant conservatives somehow hijacked the process (letter, 11-11).

Can I just say: “Wow! Really?”

Here’s my simpler explanation for the lopsided results: A majority of American voters, many of whom are intelligent and non-racist, are dissatisfied with the job performance of President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and their cohorts, and want to see a change.

The letter writer might comfort himself in the

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OBAMACARE: What’s with all the delays?

To avoid another wave of health-care policy cancellations, which would devastate the Democrats prior to the 2014 midterm elections, President Obama is proposing yet another delay of the coverage mandate.

Delay after delay. The Affordable Care Act has now become a political football. Obama is the team owner and is forced to punt and play defense. The Democrats are hard-pressed to defend a bill they applauded.

I have one question for Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and all the other liberal Democrats who approved this legislation. If the Affordable Care Act is so beneficial to America, why delay its

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HEALTH CARE: Thanks, but no thanks

Gov. Jay Inslee, Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Congressman Adam Smith all have several things in common. One glaring commonality is that all have health care plans for themselves, their families, and their staffs outside of the Affordable Care Act they all voted for and ardently support.

All followed the lead of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who famously said, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find what’s in it . . .” Now, three years later, we have an inkling of “what’s in it.”

Are you about to lose your current health care plan?

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HEALTH CARE: Let me keep my insurance plan

They said that if I was happy with my health insurance plan, I could keep it. That is what I want. However, my insurance company says that it will not be allowed to offer my plan when Obamacare begins.

Instead I can have a $3,000 deductible plan that costs three times as much as three years ago. This is partially because I am now over 60 but mostly because the plan must include coverage for maternity, a spouse, children (including dental and vision), and several other benefits that I do not want and cannot possibly ever use.

Nancy Pelosi said

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HEALTH: Obamacare doomed to fail

It’s been three years since the Affordable Care Act was passed. The Democrats praised this legislation as the cure to our health-care system. President Obama and the Democratic leaders campaigned on this utopian idea of lower premiums and universal coverage for all.

Unfortunately, the opposite is happening. This law of 2,700 pages of taxation, restrictions and government regulations is creating a backlash of opposition from business leaders and the general public.

The reality is millions of people have seen their health-care premiums increase by 46 percent, even with federal tax credits and premium assistance. In addition, the Congressional Budget Office

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