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US: Close look at food labels is revealing

On a recent trip to the supermarket, I picked up a jar of Nalley’s pickles. Nice to see a hometown brand on the shelf. But looking at the label, I found something that would make Mr. Nalley roll over in his grave. It was made in India.

Now that the media is asking us to watch what we buy, I have been looking at the labels. How about smoked oysters made in China? I love them, but have stopped buying them.

So, what next? I’m 73 now, and I hope to see things change before I get to be 100.

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ROADS: Choke point will just move east

Re: “Tacoma drivers rejoice over revamped SR 16 interchange” (TNT, 6-27).

Of course on a Sunday afternoon the project seemed a success. I say: “Not so fast with the rejoicing.”

We have all seen the worst traffic days, watched for years as this project has continued. When the second Narrows bridge was completed, it was like pouring rice into a funnel; eventually the choke point moved down to the state Route 16 intersection with Interstate 5.

Now with the completion of the westbound viaduct, the choke point is going to move to the southbound I-5/I-705 interchange just past the Tacoma

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