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BENGHAZI: Public can handle the truth, Mr. President

Why has the man who promised to be the most transparent president in American history refused to let the public know exactly what occurred before, during and after the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that claimed the lives of four Americans?

Susan Rice, who was our United Nations ambassador at the time and has now been named national security adviser, appeared on five Sunday news shows and told us that the slaughter in Benghazi was simply a response to a movie.

I don’t think that more than even a very few of President Obama’s strongest supporters would seriously argue that what

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MILITARY: Save some compassion for Bales, too

I have watched several local news reports on TV. It seems that our loyal press just can’t understand why a soldier may not remember his actions in a war zone. Four deployments to war zones in a short period of time could be a reason. A severe head injury while in a war zone could be another.

I have also noticed news agencies, including The News Tribune, have lamented about the poor care at Madigan Army Medical Center for post-traumatic stress disorder. Have any local news reporters been subjected to the same physical and mental traumas that this soldier incurred?

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MIDEAST: Get US troops out of Islamic countries

Many of the talking heads on conservative media outlets are fond of saying that Muslim terrorists “hate our freedom.” There probably are many devout Muslims who disapprove of Western morality when it comes to our permissive society, but Muslim terrorists have a different reason: They are tired of our meddling in their countries’ affairs.

Take Iran, for example. Back in the 1950s, our CIA and British intelligence overthrew a democratically elected prime minister and installed a monarch, the shah, in his place. The shah was a tyrant, and he was eventually overthrown in 1979 by a Muslim religious zealot. Iranians

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9/11: Overcome our national PTSD

We are once again remembering that tragic day 11 years ago when our country experienced a traumatic act of terror. Every year we seem to need to relive that nightmare and go back to the violence and fear of that terrible day.

What has come to concern me is how it changed us as a nation. Most of those changes have not been positive. Just as our soldiers experience moments of rage, with their post-traumatic stress syndrome, we have yet to get control of our own anger because of that horrible event.

Partisan anger is extremely vicious and divisive. The

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TERROR: A little profiling is justifiable

Re: Seattle terror plot.

Here’s the short and sweet of it without a lot of PC nonsense. People, mostly Muslims, are wanting to harm their enemies. To ignore them, nay, look the other way in the name of being sensitive will continue to reap a harvest of tears for this country.

God bless the person(s) and organizations that caught this plot before it reached fruition. I know well what the PC response to this will be, but don’t go there.

When an APB for a stocky, salt-and-pepper bearded, shaved head, 60-year-old white male goes out, I’d expect any law enforcement

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ISLAMISM: Amish are not like Muslims

Re: “The ‘Islamish” invasion has already started” (TNT, 11-26).

There are few similarities between the Amish and Muslims. The Amish do not kill those who convert from being Amish. They do not disfigure their women or keep their women from getting an education. They do not blow up innocent people. The Amish are not trying to kill us!.

The most dedicated Amish make good neighbors. The most dedicated Muslims are to be feared.


RELIGION: Treat Muslims as their law dictates

Re: “Jail limits religion, lawsuit suggests” (9-23).

This lawsuit is absurd. These men were convicted of second-degree murder.

They say that they are being unfairly treated as Muslims. As I read it, as per Muslim law, they should be killed the same way that they killed others.

They want to be treated as Muslims? Treat them as Muslims as per the Koran: “It is permissible to slay the murderer the same way he slew his victim(s), or to punish the aggressor the same way he violated his victim:”