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MULTICARE: Medical care costs are great mysteries

Re: “MultiCare collections process traumatic, local report contends” (TNT, 4-9).

So MultiCare CEO Bill Robertson thinks going to the hospital is the same as a trip to Safeway?

“We buy groceries, and we pay when we check out. Go to a sports event, and you have to pay before you get in,” he said.”

When I go to a sports event, I know exactly how much the hot dog is going to cost me and I can choose whether or not to buy it. If I land in the hospital, I have no idea what I will be charged

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MULTICARE: Care being cut along with costs?

Re: “Amid record profits, MultiCare plans cuts” (TNT, 11-9).

Now we can add MultiCare Health Systems to the list of corporations that solve their supposed problems by laying off staff. I’d like to see what it says in management’s bonus plans regarding cost reductions.

It’s difficult to believe that this “cost-cutting” measure won’t significantly affect quality of service. Multi-Care should consider that we patients are its customers and expect a reasonable standard of service, and that there is a connection between employee loyalty and customer loyalty.

This company may be riding a wave now but may have quite an

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MULTICARE: Watch out for mystery liens

Re: “Suit accuses Multicare of violating policy over use of medical liens” (TNT, 3-17).

I received a letter from the attorney in the lawsuit against Multicare regarding two liens that had been filed against me in August 2012 by Multicare and the Hunter Donaldson collection agency. This was in connection with an accident in which I was involved in July 2012.

This was the first I had heard that this action had been taken. It seems very underhanded to file liens and not even notify the person involved!

I received no monies as a result of this accident, and

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MULTICARE: Growing too big, too fast

Re: “Suit Against MultiCare says its liens were fraudulent” (TNT, 5-5).

I’m not surprised by this article. When companies grow too fast, it is impossible to fight the bureaucracy; most people don’t have the means or the time to look into all the inefficiencies.

A good example of this is the East Pierce Fire District. Ask anyone from Edgewood or Milton what happened to their hometown fire department, and I bet no one can tell you.



TRANSIT: Don’t add Link line to Stadium Way

Several of Sound Transit’s proposed routes for extending the Tacoma Link include constructing a rail line running up Stadium Way. This is a bad idea.

Stadium Way is a main arterial connecting Interstate 705 and Interstate 5 to the Stadium District, Upper Old Town along North Tacoma Avenue, Multicare facilities, and surrounding residential and commercial areas. This thoroughfare carries heavy auto traffic; many travelers who cannot depend on public transit due to destinations or trip origins outside the transit boundaries or at long distances from transit routes.

Closed now during reconstruction, Stadium normally accommodates school and transit buses in addition

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TACOMA: Council right to increase B&O tax

Re: “Hospitals lose break, car fees rise” (TNT, 11-28).

I find all the outrage and hand-wringing over the Tacoma City Council’s decision not to include a sunset clause when increasing the business and occupation tax for MultiCare and Franciscan health systems very instructive.

We are told that increasing the B&O tax on these two large corporations should have a sunset clause as the city’s budget problems are only temporary.

I guess I missed this argument in March when the council voted to increase the sales tax by 0.1 percent and just recently approved a $20 tax on car tabs.

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TACOMA: What should have happened instead of Walmart

Now that we are stuck with a Walmart store that we don’t need and that will have a negative impact on the area, here is what should have happened: MultiCare and Columbia Bank should have purchased the Elks property and turned it into a park, playground and green space.

How nice that would have been. Sorry I didn’t have enough cash to buy it myself.



JOBS: Orton Junction would be a jobs boost

I was struck by two stories in your paper. First, Pierce County’s unemployment is now nearly 10 percent (TNT, 9-20). Second, Hallmark is now creating greeting cards for getting laid off (TNT, 9-21). Think of this: enough people are getting laid off that Hallmark believes they can make money selling these cards.

There’s lots of talk about the economy and building jobs. It’s time to stop talking and start doing something about it. The Pierce County Council needs to pass the proposal from Sumner that would allow the Orton Junction project to be built and create jobs here

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