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MULTICARE: Keep offering beneficial health program

For seniors in East Pierce County communities, the holidays brought a notice from
Multicare Health System that the Celebrate Seniority enhanced fitness classes would be discontinued.

These classes were offered in community centers and accessible without long drives. We attend at the advice of our physicians. Regular suitable exercise improves our health, maintains our capacities and allows us to continue to live at home. Over many years, we have become small, mutually supportive communities. We do not have ready alternatives that are designed especially for seniors as old as we are.

Our members are customers of Good Samaritan Hospital.

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HOSPITALS: Why focus on facilities’ petty rivalry?

Re: “A new place to care for the premature” (TNT, 6-5).

As a mother who delivered at St. Joseph Medical Center, I was fortunate enough not to need the specialized care that the new unit offers. But your article did little to shine light on this new state-of-the-art department at such a great facility. It was more about the fact the Multicare Health System didn’t get its way than about the life-saving expertise and excellent quality of care that St. Joseph’s neonatal unit has to offer to our community.

The future parents of infants with special needs who choose

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MEDICINE: Surgeons challenge opinion on robotics

Re: “Doctors told robot hysterectomy not best” (TNT, 3-17).

I take exception to the opinions expressed by the president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an organization whose purported goals is to advance health care for women.

His opinion that we should turn back the clock and only offer traditional methods of surgery would result in most women having major, invasive surgical procedures similar to what happened prior to the era of robotics.

Despite decades of training and innovation with vaginal and laparoscopic approaches to hysterectomy, more than 66 percent of women nationally are still told today

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MULTICARE: CEO, others should share the burden

As a former MultiCare employee, I am angry to hear about the planned layoff of staff.

The News Tribune revealed that the CEO has received millions of dollars in compensation. I find it hard to reconcile this level of compensation when MultiCare is a “not for profit” hospital system. Jobs could be saved if the CEO and others were willing to share the burden.

I recently learned that the director of pastoral care was laid off. There will no longer be a full-time chaplain to care for the spiritual needs of patients and their families. I think this was a

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SMOKING: Others should follow Franciscan’s lead

Congratulations to Tacoma’s Franciscan Health System for being the first Washington State Hospital Association member to require that prospective employees be tobacco-free (TNT, 2-12). I wonder if this will apply to doctors applying for staff membership and employment.

A recent New York Times article states that hospitals in several states have “stopped hiring smokers in the last year and more are openly considering the options.” I’m glad Washington hospitals are beginning to follow the same policy.

As president of Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center’s medical staff in 1978, I instituted a no-smoking policy within the hospital for patients’ benefit. Mary

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