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LAWSUIT: Other side of goat-goring

Re: “Goat-goring lawsuit is ridiculous” (letter, 8-11).

I represent the family of the man killed by the 350-pound goat. It is sad but so prevalent that people make judgments about situations and cases with no knowledge of the facts. Here are some facts in this case:

  • This goat was unusually large and very aggressive.
  • National park policies require that aggressive animals that regularly come near humans be removed or killed, before someone gets hurt.
  • The National Park Service knew for four years that this animal regularly and aggressively encountered human beings.
  • The park service shot and killed an

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PARKS: Goat-goring lawsuit is ridiculous

Re: “Claims filed in death of hiker gored by goat” (TNT, 8-7).

I have been taking The News Tribune for more than 20 years, and only once in the past have I felt the need to voice my opinion.

The family of the man mauled are filing three wrongful-death claims agains Olympic National Park. They claim that park rangers did not give them adequate warnings against the dangers.

That is ridiculous. Although this was a tragedy, it is by no means the fault of the park. When you enter a forest, national or otherwise, you are now on the

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