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RAINIER: Public shouldn’t pay for search and recovery

Re: “6 feared dead in Rainier tragedy” (TNT, 5-1).

While the deaths of the six climbers on Mount Rainier is sad, it is not a tragedy. The climbers and guides knowingly went into danger – for the thrill of it.

These are not brave warriors or innocent victims. They climb because they love the thrill, plain and simple. Those who loved them are left to mourn, and that is the real sadness in this incident.

It is far past time that climbers be required to post a cash bond to cover the cost of searches and recoveries on that

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LANDSLIDE: Oso tragedy need not have happened

We retired to Washington for what it offers in culture, scenery, water, forests and the proximity to grandchildren.

What this state is lacking is geological common sense backed by legislative action. Many geoscientists have recently come foreword with the observation that the Oso slide was a predictable and recurring event. The folks concerned with zoning have dropped the ball in this case. Land developers are not concerned with factors that undermine their interests.

The real tragedy in waiting is a landslide on the flanks of Mount Rainer – a matter of when, not if – and the massive lahar (mudflow

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RAINIER: Park policy will limit winter access

New Mount Rainier National Park policy will have a substantial impact on winter recreational opportunities.

This year, the road between Longmire and Paradise will not open until 9 a.m. – even in optimum conditions. The gate will be locked each evening at 5 p.m. In past years on a morning with no new snowfall the diligent road crew would often have the road ready to go and the gate open by 6 or 7 a.m.

I hike and snowshoe extensively every winter and can tell you the early morning hours at Paradise are phenomenal. The Camp Muir route is very

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OUTDOORS: Wonderland Trail worth the effort

A special thanks to you for the series about the Wonderland Trail. I was delighted and excited to learn about the new Mountaineers book with great details about the trail and how to take it on, and especially for the pictures.

Almost forty years ago, I bravely organized a family-and-friends group hike of almost all of the 93 miles. We had to skip a couple sections because of hazardous conditions, but covered the rest in a great two-week venture. In the midst of a wet summer, we lucked out with mostly fine weather the first two weeks of August.

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MILITARY: Disabled vets climb Mount Rainier

This week those of us who are disabled from their military experiences look up. We look to Mount Rainier and we wish Godspeed to Sgt. Keith Zeier and 2nd Lt. Victor Munoz as they attempt to summit the mountain. We are with them in spirit.

Zeier graduated early and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17.. While on deployment, his vehicle was struck by an IED. As a result of the blast, he suffered a TBI and the amputation of his left leg above the knee. He is now retired and is a full time

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FLOODS: County needs to discourage risky growth

Re: “County Council wades into flood control again” (TNT, 4-2).

It seems to me, building in a proven flood plain is risky, but living in the recognized path of future lahars is really ill-advised. What strikes me as simply immoral is a Pierce County Council that has allowed large residential developments in the likely path of catastrophic mud flows and now wants taxpayers to pay for their failing flood-control policies, which will most likely encourage further development in these geologically dangerous locations.

If someone feels the advantages of living along our vulnerable river valleys outweigh the risk, that is

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RAINIER: Outings require planning, preparation

How many missing snowshoers or skiers does it take to understand the concepts that “Mother Nature always wins” and “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?

Every year, we hear stories about folks out for a “short hike” in our mountains who end up lost and then sometimes dead, all for lack of some simple planning.

Taking a walk, even a short one, in the winter in our mountains has a fairly high potential to be dangerous to your health. How does this happen? A sudden, unexpected blizzard. The fog rolls in quickly, and you can’t even

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CLIMATE: Don’t ignore the naysayers

Several months ago, The News Tribune featured an in-depth article about the shrinking glaciers on Mount Rainier, endorsing the “scientific theory” that most of this problem is manmade. More recently the TNT has printed an article about shrinking glaciers at Mount Adams and Mount Hood in Oregon.

Why don’t the media pay any attention to the “other view”? Numerous scientists explain that we are experiencing “climate change” and that man is not necessarily totally to blame.

For the past 21 years a glacier has been growing at Mount St Helens and has encapsulated the dome. It is estimated to

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