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TNT: ‘Doonesbury’ indulges in faith-bashing

I was offended by Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” offering in the Monday News Tribune. Trudeau seems to have dropped to the same level as other small-minded persons who make attacks similar to recent videos to denigrate a religion.

His political leanings are his privilege, but when he attacks the Mormon faith to promote those leanings he has stepped way over the line of decency and should be removed from the entertainment pages of The News Tribune.

Attacking Mitt Romney, I suppose, is part of the political landscape, but attacking his faith goes way over what should be accepted. I would hope

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ROMNEY: Don’t use tithing to hide taxes

Mitt Romney says he can’t release his tax records because that will reveal how much money he charitably tithes to his church.

Figuring tithing is easy: Look at your gross income, move the decimal point one space to the left and pay that. I tithe, too, and you can probably find out how much. Check the pay scale for para-eds in Sumner, move the decimal point one space to the left, and there you are.

Of course, I am not running for president and have nothing to hide. Also, such an exercise will not tell you how much I give

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ROMNEY: A person’s religious beliefs do matter

Re: “A religious test for Mitt Romney” (TNT, 6-3).

Yes, religion matters. While a “religious test” is forbidden, religious evaluation by voters happens all the time. Specific to Mitt Romney as a Mormon are questions that pertain to how he may view individual rights.

The Latter-day Saints’ practice (acknowledged and defended by the church) of baptizing the dead by proxy raises question about the Mormons’ respect for the beliefs of other religions.

The LDS church allows members 12 years and older to stand in for dead people and perform the baptism ritual. It is accepted fact that the founding fathers

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