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MONEY: Time to get rid of the penny

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a penny on the ground? Do you stop and pick it up? Most people would not unless they were an avid penny collector.

The penny has quickly become a worthless coin in our economy. According to the 2011 annual report from U.S. Mint, the penny costs 2.4 cents per coin. Therefore, it costs 1.4 cents more to produce than the penny is worth!

The U.S. Mint spent $120 million to produce less than $50 million of circulating pennies in 2011. This sounds like more government-wasted taxpayer money.

Even with zinc as

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DOLLAR: Change is good

The change (no pun intended) to a dollar coin has been a long time coming. Some of the reasons it has failed in the past are the failure to eliminate the dollar bill at the same time and the insistence on allowing the vending machine lobby too much input in the design.

The lobbyists want a coin that will fit existing machine slots, so we keep getting a coin the size of a quarter, which only confuses the public. The vending machine folks will simply have to do a re-fit; the coin needs to be clearly larger than a quarter.

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ELECTION: Where is the plan, GOP?

Now the GOP has taken the U.S. House, what discretionary spending cuts are they going to make? When asked by the election-night panel on MSNBC, not one member of the GOP could answer that question when asked. And when asked over and over again, still no response was given.

Another question was asked: Are they going to raise the debt ceiling or default on the debt? Again, no response from the GOP.

The GOP has made a lot of promises to the American people with no answers or plan on how to control spending. Where is the money? If the

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