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DEFENSE: Samuelson uses fear-mongering

Re: “The dagger of ‘budget sequestration’ dangles over the throat of defense’ (Robert J. Samuelson column, 3-6).

Digesting Samuelson’s weekly morsels requires much attrition; they constitute a biopsy of the neo-con soul for us to inspect.

His backdrop is sound; $2.1 trillion in budgetary reductions for 2012-2021 were passed in debt-ceiling negotiations. Of those reductions, $1.2 trillion were considered “painful” and renegotiable by congressional “super-committee” until a 2013 “sequestration mechanism.”

But Samuelson cannot resist the tried-and-true propaganda of fear-mongering, blaming our president for “devastating cuts” which “dangle over the throat of defense.”

Defense spending consumes roughly $700 billion of

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LIBYA: Obama’s outrage political in nature

I listened to the President’s speech about Libya, and concur with his actions. What was detestable was trying to assume a moral high ground over Bush vis-a-vis Iraq.

Saddam Hussein’s removal was a national policy signed by Bill Clinton – the Iraq Liberation Act. Hussein was killing, maiming, terrorizing and using poison gas on his countrymen and was worse than Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi.

It’s time for the Democrats to admit that taking out evil where ever you find it is good policy. If we don’t overcome our enemies, we will wake someday to find one or more smoking holes in

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LIBYA: Obama’s action reflects moral clarity

Re: “Attack on Libya looks like the right move” (editorial, 3-24).

Republican critics like House Speaker John Boehner lament “mission creep” in Libya, and the cost of President Obama’s military action. I wonder where these people were when George Bush invaded Iraq, beginning a nearly trillion-dollar war. All they talked about then was Bush’s “moral clarity.” No one spoke of “mission creep.”

First, we invaded Iraq to destroy nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. Then we were there to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime, which Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush had supported. No, the mission was really to build a model

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