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OBAMA: A backlash of voter remorse

Back in the 2012 election, Barack Obama said these famous words, “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep him, period.” That was a bald-faced lie. Yet people cheered and anointed him the savior of America. He was re-elected by over Mitt Romney. Another four years of Obama. America made its choice.

It seems the hens are coming back to roost. A current poll indicates that 33 percent of registered voters say Obama is the worst president since World War II, and 45 percent said the United States would have

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OBAMACARE: It’s not the same as Romneycare

Over the past few years. President Obama and the Democrats have continually stated that Romneycare and Obamacare were essentially the same. This is simply not true. Let’s be clear. There are similarities, but there are glaring differences.

Romneycare had 70 pages, bipartisan support and was very popular with the public. Strong consensus was built between then-Gov. Mitt Romney, Democrats, Republicans, the public and the business community to support the law and the individual mandate. Former Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., who was in the state Senate at the time, stated it took three years for everybody to come together. Romneycare had

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ECONOMY: Obama doesn’t want to reduce the deficit

How about that. The News Tribune editorial board, Katie Baird and even Eugene Robinson found religion. All of them are telling us the fiscal cliff agreement which will bring in $100 billion per year won’t do much to cut the deficit. Sound familiar?

The Republicans have been saying that for years President Obama’s tax plan, taxing only the top 2 to 3 percent, would bring in only $70 billion to $80 billion per year. That amount, like the $100 billion per year from the fiscal cliff deal, wouldn’t have cut much of the deficit either. The mainstream media never questioned

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POLITICS: Liberals should end malicious tactics

Some political events are easily explainable and profoundly indicative of malicious, offensive partisan behavior.
I cite two of many instances where two of America’s most honorable men were falsely maligned for partisan political purposes – with the overwhelming complicit support of the mass media.

• The “Borking” (a systematic defamation of a highly qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, led by the malicious slanders by Ted Kennedy behind the protections of the Senate floor) of the late Robert Bork.

• The “Borking” of Mitt Romney –one of the most decent, reputable, competent, experienced nominees ever for president – by

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ELECTION: And now, the winners and losers

Time to assess the 2012 election:


• The American labor movement, whose volunteers made hundreds of thousands of phone calls and house visits in support of victorious Democratic candidates.

• Sen. Patty Murray, who took on the unpopular task of defending 23 Democratic seats in the U.S. Senate. Not only were all successful, but she also picked up two more.

• Small donors to Democratic Senate and House candidates, many of whom won against an overwhelming financial advantage on the Republican side.

• Nate Silver, the operator of the 538 blog for successfully predicting all winners with the exception

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GOP: Republicans need to stop rationalizing

It is interesting to read how some Republicans keep rationalizing their loss this election. “It was Romney’s fault” (although my respect for him grew in the debates), “It was Obama’s slanderous attacks,” “It was the media,” etc. etc.

They fail to recognize that a majority of Americans do not want a party in power that denigrates women, which is not willing to embrace an increasingly multicultural society, which is riddled with racism, which firmly set its policies to deny Barack Obama a second term, which kept questioning our president’s birth certificate, which does not want to look at the Bush

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ELECTION: The truth is finally emerging

The election is over and Barack Obama has been crowned king of all America. His slick campaign of “pander and slander” with full-hearted support from the left-wing media has succeeded in wooing the liberal vote.

Many polls indicated the forefront issue in this election was the economy, jobs and the looming “fiscal cliff.” Economic experts have been warning of a major recession for months if the Obama tax hikes go into effect. Mitt Romney continually campaigned on these issues, but America wasn’t listening.

Obama never mentioned this crisis, instead focusing on his “class warfare” rhetoric, slamming Romney every chance he

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GOP: Editorial shows lack of tolerance

The recent editorial advising the Republican Party to divest itself of “extremists” (TNT, 11-11) broadcasts loudly not only the arrogance of the editorial board but its intolerance of diverse opinions.

One wonders why the board, which clearly supports most of the political left’s policies, doesn’t entertain some soul-searching regarding the intolerant behavior of Democrats and their supporters. Instead, after victory at the polls, the board chooses to lecture others whose views vary from its own. So much for the notion of offering olive branches following victory.

It is one thing to have disagreements, but when they occur, rather than

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