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MEDIA: ‘Progressive’ rhetoric demonizes conservatives

I have recently tuned in to a local “progressive talk” radio station to hear what the left is chattering about. I am not surprised to hear the extreme rhetoric of name-calling, demeaning slander and insults directed to anyone who does not believe as they do, especially to conservatives and Republicans.

One particular syndicated host regularly refers to the “right” as “Republicons,” “conservadamns,” traitors, idiots, morons and even communists. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is referred to as “Governor Etch-a-Sketch,” and Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana has been called a “stupid idiot.” Another host has accepted the “if not by ballots then

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ROMNEY: Trump endorsement pitiful

Re: Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

It is clear to the most moderately intelligent observer that the GOP has already ceded the 2012 election to President Obama.

The party’s serious candidates – Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and David Petraeus – have deferred until 2016. This leaves the Republican stage crowded with clowns and losers.

Newt Gingrich was rejected by his own party in a previous Congress. Rick Santorum lost his last election by double digits. The Donald and the Willard can only be regarded as Marie Antoinettes in gray flannel.

It is sad to see the

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