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TACOMA: Mayor’s pay proposal is disappointing

Re: “City may ask voters to choose: $12 or $15″ (TNT, 7-12).

Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s advocacy of a $12 minimum wage should come as a great disappointment to Tacoma’s working families. She has disregarded the advice of her hand-picked commission’s majority and has adopted an even poorer alternative.

Surely, having read Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickled and Dimed,” she should have greater empathy for those who work for substandard wages. Instead, she has chosen to champion those employers whose business model is based on poverty wages.


TACOMA: Let democracy work on wage issue

Matt Driscoll (column, 6-30) details the two options submitted by Tacoma’s Minimum Wage Task Force, points out the difficulty in choosing between the two and asks, “What now?”

I have a simple answer: Let the 15 Now Tacoma initiative go to a vote. In getting the necessary signatures to get the measure on the ballot, initiative backers have shown that there is significant support for their proposal. I believe that support should be respected and that the City Council should put any near-term action on hold and give democracy a chance to work.


PAY: No free speech for business owners?

Re: “Attorney general: Disclose surcharges” (TNT, 6-24).

The state attorney general says businesses can add surcharges to cover the costs of new minimum wage laws (a mandate). Businesses must clearly disclose the charge (a mandate). They also say the surcharge is subject to B&O and sales tax (a mandate).

The most disturbing point in this article is “businesses must clearly disclose the charge, not mischaracterize the charge as a tax or government mandate” - which in itself is another mandate.

We are going down a slippery slope when a government official ignores “shall make no law . . . prohibiting the free

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MINIMUM WAGE: What’s incentive for education?

Re: “City faces tight schedule on minimum wage” (TNT, 6-18).

I believe everyone should be able to make a decent living based on the effort the put forth to do so. I am sure that the majority of those seeking the minimum wage increase to $15 have never owned a business nor are indebted for life with school loans.

Imagine my surprise when I was told by a legal staffing company that most of their jobs for attorneys only pay $25 an hour. I was also advised that many attorneys accept the low wage because they are unable to

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GENDER: Who will end up paying for surgeries?

Re: “State might pay for gender surgery” (TNT, 6-7).

I really can not express the disbelief that the state might pay for gender reassignment surgery as a matter of preserving life. Really? I understand it is a mental health issue for some, but it is still elective surgery. Who do you think will end up paying those bills?

The United States does not reward those of the middle class who try to the right thing. We reward those who do nothing. A person who drops out of high school and tries to get a job but cannot earn enough money to

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TACOMA: Rethink raising city’s minimum wage

During the debate on a higher minimum wage for Tacoma, the definition of the word “minimum” seems to have been lost. Another term for minimum wage should be starting wage.

In a lot of businesses, minimum wage workers are people with no or very little experience. As employees becomes better at their job, they are usually given cost-of-living raises, merit raises or other opportunities within the company. Most employers would prefer to give raises to keep their employees rather than have to train someone new.

If employers are required to pay the entry level jobs at a much higher cost, what are

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PAY: Big wage hike may equal no wage

Our company of 10 employees has for almost 40 summers employed high school and college students as a way to help these first-time workers learn working skills. That ends if there is a substantial minimum wage increase. A business is paid what its product or services are worth to the public. An artificially inflated wage for unskilled workers will actually be regressive.

The current concept seems to assume that small/micro businesses are the same as the bad actor big-box stores. I personally resent that simplistic attitude. As with most small/micro businesses, I treat my employees very well, almost like family,

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PAY: Are we pro-family or not?

The economic outcome for many is either a lack of work or not enough compensation. Living a healthy, stable life and starting or growing a family is awfully challenging for those without work or with inadequate compensation.

A pro-family society does what it takes to make sure the vital cell of society, the family, is protected, esteemed and has the means necessary for flourishing.

Economically speaking, we make sure people have the resources needed for starting and growing a family. If the amount of family wage jobs remains insufficient, then we provide assistance. If private and religious charity are not enough

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