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BRIDGE: Save the Milroy Bridge

I read with interest the problems facing the Milroy Bridge over the Puyallup River (TNT, 12-16). I have a suggestion. Instead of replacing the old bridge, build the new bridge connecting Frank Albert Road over the Puyallup River and connecting to River Road.

Several years ago, a new overpass was built over the railroad tracks in Fife so 54th Avenue could be closed because of a new school being built just north of the railroad tracks. That’s another story. Don’t we have schools near busy streets. Was closing 54th Avenue necessary?

With a new bridge over the Puyallup River

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PUYALLUP: Trucks make Milroy Bridge scary

Re: The Milroy Bridge over the Puyallup River.

How does a bridge built in 1931 get approved for use for school buses full of children, double-trailer cement and dirt trucks, long-trailer semis and up to three garbage trucks at a time? Is there no weight limit? And if so, why isn’t it posted?

Last week I sat on that bridge for three lights because a long-trailer semi tried to turn onto the bridge from lanes heading west. The driver held up traffic in all directions for three lights as he backed up, tried a second time, backed up (all in

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