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MOVIE: An explanation for success of ‘American Sniper’

Why has “American Sniper” become such a rapturous, record-breaking movie – in spite of the relentless, ruthless opposition from the left wing and Michael Moore ilk?

“American Sniper” celebrates the heroism of American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan (two of our nation’s most vilified wars) after being thrust into “immoral combat” by their political leaders – who simply did their utmost to protect each other and the innocent Iraqis, especially children, who were being massively tortured and beheaded by al-Qaida – which is also our enemy and can attack us anytime, at home, at random.

The movie shows (up

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MILITARY: Sacrifice finally getting spread around

Re: “500 make case against troop cuts” (TNT, 1-22).

Wait a minute!

The military drawdown we are experiencing nationwide is a good thing for all the usual reasons. We are mostly out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The major risks worldwide are few, and we still will have the most powerful military in the world.

The methods being employed may not be the best, but that is where we are right now. Thousands of men and women sacrificed their lives and bodies in two wars over the last 12 years while the rest of the population carried on with little or

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WAR: GOP good – at getting us into a bad war

Re: “Return nation to strength with GOP” (letter, 1-2).

The letter included one sentence that I could agree with: “Who in this nation deserves a full pay raise more than our troops?”

Our military has done an exceptionally good job after being called into a war that was not well planned nor any thought given as to how it would be paid for and, in my estimation, has done nothing but make enemies of our country and bankrupted our nation, not to mention maiming or killing too many of our young people.

All of this came under the leadership of President

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MILITARY: Return nation to strength with GOP

With the conclusion of President Obama’s sixth year in office, one can safely say he has been one of our nation’s worst commanders in chief. Why?

The president is a left-wing, antiwar liberal who never served in the military. He is utterly clueless about our military culture, war fighting or strategy.

His half-baked war against the Islamic State is a perfect example. After pulling out of Iraq prematurely and against military advice, he went back based on opinion polls and lacking any Middle East strategy.

It has been just as bad in Afghanistan where he told the enemy when we would

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MILITARY: Writer missed noting one big ‘perk’

Re: “Serving isn’t always a sacrifice” (letter, 11-16).

As the writer points out, military service does come with many perks: free health care, a good-paying job, a chance for a free education in high-tech fields and many other “socialistic benefits.”

The writer misses the biggest perk of all: travel, on the public’s dime, to places where people will try to kill you. Don’t want to go? Too bad.

Veterans have paid for every post-service benefit we can give them for volunteering for a chance to be maimed or killed so that the rest of us get to “sleep easy in our

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MILITARY: It depends on how one defines ‘sacrifice’

Re: “Serving isn’t always a sacrifice” (letter, 11-16).

I guess missing holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, births and childhood milestones are not sacrifices.

Multiple deployments away from family and friends are not sacrifices.

And ultimately giving up your life or limb is not a sacrifice either.



MILITARY: Serving isn’t always a sacrifice

Re: “Vets strengthen our community: Keep them here” (TNT, 11-10).

Lt. General Stephen R. Lanza writes about veterans and the sacrifice they make to be in the service, noting that ”in serving their country, they did so without thought of recognition or gain.”

People serve in the military because it can be a good job within a very socialistic approach which takes care of them. They are good-paying jobs when one consider all the socialistic benefits one receives, often with pay as good as they would get in the civilian world.

Many make the military a career with good retirement benefits.

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ELECTION: Democrats shouldn’t be apathetic

I think we should all be grateful that we have a president who wants all Americans to have a living wage, affordable health care and a clean environment. His commitment to not put American ground troops at risk in the current Mideast conflict after the tremendous price our service men and women and their families have already paid in Iraq further reflects the value he puts on their lives and service to our country.

Diplomacy rather than war with Syria did work to reduce its stockpiles and use of chemical weapons. Diplomacy and economic sanctions have at least kept Iran engaged

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