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OBAMACARE: Public needs accurate information

I remember the firm stance taken by our insurance commissioner, Mike Kreidler, against any changes to the Affordable Care Act as originally enacted, even though President Obama gave his blessing to all insurance commissioners to do so.

Kreidler insisted that insurance companies in our state would not be allowed to reinstate canceled policies. Now Kreidler has released new information pertaining to those pesky catastrophic plans that failed to meet the ACA’s original minimum standards: “Until March 31, individuals are permitted to disenroll from coverage you have previously chosen and enroll in a different plan, including a catastrophic plan …”


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HEALTH CARE: TNT misleads on ACA impact

Re: “Obamacare: Democrats lower the lifeboats” (editorial, 11-20).

If your editorial board chooses, for whatever reason, to make excuses for President Obama, and state insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler, so be it. The president has lied repeatedly to the American people concerning the Affordable Care Act, and Kreidler has managed to screw up the state enrollment by botching the tax credit rules. As a result, more than 8,000 Washington residents received letters informing them that the rates quoted on the exchange were wrong.

Your editorial is outrageously misleading concerning the impact the ACA is having on this country. Concerning the

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HEALTH CARE: Why were ‘inadequate’ policies allowed to be sold?

Re: “State won’t allow extensions on canceled insurance plans” (TNT, 11-15).

A question for Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler: If the individual health insurance policies that are being canceled as of Jan. 1 are so “inadequate,” why has he allowed them to be sold in this state all these years under his watch?

A 60-year-old single man doesn’t need maternity coverage, a faithful LDS church member doesn’t want coverage for substance abuse, and pro-life folks don’t need coverage for abortions. All these things could be made available as optional coverage with an appropriate waiting period if not chosen with the

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HEALTH: Insurance exchange selection is a concern

Recently I read that state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has selected four companies to provide health plans in Washington’s Health Insurance Exchange (TNT, 8-1). I am very concerned that none of those plans has experience serving low-income members who rely on Medicaid.

As the president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound, I see evidence every day of what good health care can bring to a community and its youth. This basic need is critical for children and families who are struggling. Good health care for children provides a return on the investment as

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HEALTH: Medicaid plan should be in the exchange

We are very disappointed that none of the Medicaid health plans were approved by the state Office of the Insurance Commissioner to participate in the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

The OIC outcome has limited our clients’ ability to maintain continuity of care. Residents whose income is variable will frequently transition back and forth between Medicaid coverage and the exchange. They want to be able to keep their doctors and their health plans. Excluding Medicaid companies means this will not be possible.

Mercy Housing Northwest houses more than 600 people per day in our affordable housing in Tacoma. We strive to

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