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CARRELL: Why shouldn’t we help our neighbors?

I read some negative comments following the article (TNT, 3-25) about friends raising money to offset some of state Sen. Mike Carrell’s medical expenses. It’s sad that neighbors can’t help neighbors without someone vilifying us. Isn’t that what we should be about?

I suppose some would say it is better that we sit on our hands and demand that others take care of our responsibility. Maybe if I demand that you take someone else’s property to give to me in my need I would somehow be a more worthy person. DeTocqueville would not believe what he would see in

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ELECTION: Carrell backs regressive tax system

We have the most regressive tax system of any state in the country. State Sen. Mike Carrell has served for 18 years and has shown he is unwilling to have a conversation about changing the tax system so the state can provide the services for which we, the people, have voted.

The falsely named “supermajority” initiative, which again is on the ballot, would make it impossible to fix our taxes. This law has repeatedly given a small group of 17 legislators out of 148 the ability to stop anything. Carrell wants to be one member of that small group of

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CRIME: Give credit where it’s due

Your editorial (TNT, 5-17) regarding the crime reduction in Pierce County missed an important point: Pierce County is no longer a dumping ground for felons.

In 2007, state Sens. Mike Carrell and Debbie Regala chaired a work group on prison reforms. I was part of that group of more than 50 participants from around the state. I worked with these two legislators to craft that legislation, so I know.

Senate Bill 6157 was the result of our work group and became law the next session. Part of that new law deals with the “county of origin” and requires felons

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DSHS: Don’t buy into Carrell’s political class-baiting

I remind people that Mike Carrell’s Viewpoint on welfare fraud and abuse (TNT, 2-6) is just that – an opinion, despite his assumption of fact. With the middle class struggling how easy it is to turn that frustration and anger on the poor instead of the movers and shakers of our monetary system.

Using welfare money at adult-oriented locations, tattoo parlors, gun shops and liquor stores needs to be stopped, but Bill 5327 needs to have the fine print checked over. Moving the Fraud Early Detection investigators to the auditor’s office, indicating DSHS is not doing its work, is

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