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MILITARY: Return nation to strength with GOP

With the conclusion of President Obama’s sixth year in office, one can safely say he has been one of our nation’s worst commanders in chief. Why?

The president is a left-wing, antiwar liberal who never served in the military. He is utterly clueless about our military culture, war fighting or strategy.

His half-baked war against the Islamic State is a perfect example. After pulling out of Iraq prematurely and against military advice, he went back based on opinion polls and lacking any Middle East strategy.

It has been just as bad in Afghanistan where he told the enemy when we would

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WAR: Why not just get out of the Middle East?

When I watch the evening news, the discussion is always about how we should attack the government of Syria, the Islamic State or the Taliban. Most of the politicians seem to be critical of the president for not being aggressive enough.

I was watching “Democracy Now” the other day and they were interviewing Cathy Kelly, a peace who has made many trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. She wonders why it is never discussed that maybe the solution to all this war stuff is that the U.S. just needs to get its military out of the Middle East.

It is widely acknowledged that

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MIDEAST: US should stay out of this duel to the death

Every day we hear about Muslim people being slaughtered by other Muslims because the various religious groups hate each other almost as much as they hate America. And now we are caught up in the middle of the carnage that will continue whether we keep a strong military presence there or not. So what should we do?

Instead of risking the lives of our young people in what amounts to trying to referee a duel to the death among groups whose main objective is to eventually destroy “The Great Satan,” it is time for us to withdraw from the area

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MIDEAST: US should take hands-off approach

In following the events happening in the Middle East, I am struck by the fact that the United States is supporting one rebel group over another. Why are we interfering in a clearly domestic issue? This is a civil war and it should be hands off.

The problem, drastic as it is, will be resolved when the locals have had enough. Even airstrikes should be curtailed until a legal government is established and asks for assistance.


OBAMA: Armchair generals want ‘boots on the ground’

Re: “President shows cowardly leadership” (letter, 9-26).

Evidently the writer doesn’t read or refuses to. He calls President Obama “The Cowardly Procrastinator.” Yes, he is a procrastinator, to the point that he has virtually amassed the entire Middle East to strike against the Islamic State and its cohorts.

He’s convinced the region that stopping Calph Ibrahima from setting up his own caliphate is in their best interests. Extrapolating “cowardly” from that process is a reach that goes to hate rather than common sense.

The writer also insists Obama is weak. Weak is sending American troops to disrupt a country which

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MIDEAST: US can’t force region into 21st century

Question: How are a bunch of boys playing in the woods who strike a hornets’ nest with a stick smarter than America’s policies in the Middle East?

Answer: The boys will only strike the hornets’ nest once. They will learn from their first mistake with the hornets.

Unfortunately, American leadership is not smart enough to get out of the hornets’ nest in the Middle East. If America was truly interested in winning the war against Islamic terrorism, it would simply leave the region, declare neutrality in all of the region’s conflicts and wait for the peoples of the Middle East

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MILITARY: Let the Arabs protect themselves

Why is it always America’s responsibility to put young Americans in harm’s way time and time again when the 911 call comes in from the Middle East? We’ve already spent hundreds of billions of dollars of out nation’s treasury, with most of that money borrowed.

Over the years we’ve done our duty there, and many of our sons and daughters have given their lives to support our interests there. However, it’s time for our nation to heal and reflect on our loses and gains and fully mend our economy. It’s time for countries in the Middle East to defend their

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MIDDLE EAST: Is inaction a plan?

Can U.S. leadership learn from the past? Perhaps.

It has been said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The truth of that story is debatable, but the lesson is still true. Can U.S. leadership take anything away from it?

We might ask, as the Middle East burns, are some too busy playing golf? Beats the fiddle, I guess.