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OBAMA: Opposition has nothing to do with race

Re: “Will future presidents be as disrespected as this one?” (letter, 4-28).

The writer stated that we who do not support Barack Obama have not done so because he is black. That totally ridiculous argument is so far from reality, I am surprised that The News Tribune even prints it anymore.

People support those who have great visions and great accomplishments, and those who can be trusted. If Obama had any of those qualifications, people like me would support him, but he doesn’t. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

To prove my point, I

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HEALTH: First lady’s program does work

Re: “First lady’s program doesn’t work” (letter, 12-8).

Gee, that’s weird about the letter on our first lady’s nutrition program not working. I too listen to many “talk radio” stations (at least five) and have heard many success stories. My own brother-in-law lost 98 pounds because of the information on nutrition he’s heard, thanks to our first lady.

Those who are frustrated about their obesity: Don’t blame Michelle Obama. Blame yourself. As for school employees’ hours being reduced due to “Obama’s rules,” I asked around about this and was told this is about as far-fetched as you can possibly

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HEALTH: First lady’s program doesn’t work

I am all for first ladies having a focus and helping to spread the word and clean up an area of society that seems to be in need. It is Michelle Obama’s desire to cut down on the number of obese persons in society. Good intentioned, but the way she is going about it is causing major frustrations throughout the land.

On talk radio, I hear callers expressing their frustration at working as a food server and putting out the food that Mrs. Obama wants the kids to eat, but the kids don’t eat it and dump this unused food

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