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SHUTDOWN: Which federal facilities are essential?

I find it amazing that President Obama is being blamed by certain members of Congress, and even by some segments of the national media, for the closure of the national parks and the World War II Memorial. Their argument apparently is that these federal facilities should have been kept open as essential to the security and well-being of the country.

Although I personally find it irksome and inconvenient that I cannot visit Mount Rainier National Park on a beautiful fall day, I can hardly call closing the park an immediate threat to my life or livelihood. Similarly, keeping the World

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GOP: Republicans need to stop rationalizing

It is interesting to read how some Republicans keep rationalizing their loss this election. “It was Romney’s fault” (although my respect for him grew in the debates), “It was Obama’s slanderous attacks,” “It was the media,” etc. etc.

They fail to recognize that a majority of Americans do not want a party in power that denigrates women, which is not willing to embrace an increasingly multicultural society, which is riddled with racism, which firmly set its policies to deny Barack Obama a second term, which kept questioning our president’s birth certificate, which does not want to look at the Bush

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PALIN: War of words escalates

Well, since there wasn’t anything especially interesting in Mama Grizzly’s emails, nor did a catfight occur between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, the only thing left is a war of words (oops, ‘”memoirs”) between Bristol Palin and Sen. John McCain’s daughter, Meghan.

And we have already heard quite enough about Levi Johnston, alias “the gnat,” so now this latest political episode of “Family Feud.” All that is missing is comedian Steve Harvey, because all of this sorry mess is really a bad joke, and sad to say, it is not all that funny but rather pathetic, juvenile and silly.


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