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TORTURE: Why were Bush and Powell out of the loop?

Re: “Release of CIA report exceptionally reckless” (Michael Gerson column, 12-10).

I am somewhat dumbfounded by Gerson’s comparison of drone warfare to what we did to prisoners of war.

The act of engaging the enemy during war is different from the treatment of captive prisoners. The rules governing prisoner treatment are quite clear about subjecting captives to torture. These are rules that Dick Cheney and his merry band of neo-cons chose to ignore.

The greater question that needs an answer is why both the president of the United States and his secretary of state, Colin Powell, were not in the loop of how

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HEALTH CARE: It’s a human need, not a human right.

Re: “To fix health care, recognize it’s a right first” (TNT, 4-9)

Michael Gerson insists that, in America, some minimal health care has always been a “right.” Not only is he wrong, but defining health care as a right is fundamentally flawed in a way that will cripple patient care.

We can argue about what rights Americans have, but rights by nature are things inherent in simply being human. Humans do not inherently have health care. It’s something humans have to go out and get. It’s a human need, not a human right.

The whole history of mankind shows

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IMMIGRANTS: Coke ad and Gerson got it wrong

Re: “Coke ad reaction reflects difficulties in immigration debate” (Michael Gerson column, 2-7).

As a retired teacher, I have to say Gerson was sorely mistaken. A group in any environment – school, community, work, government – will never be universal without the unification that language brings.

We get to know each other through language. Either immigrants speak English before citizenship or they form an isolated enclave of their own culture. Where is the universality in that? Should we all carry seven language dictionaries?

Immigrants would feel better treated if they, as the newcomers, demonstrated a sincere respect for our

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POLITICS: Krauthammer’s ‘Gotcha’ analysis

The column by President George W. Bush’s former policy adviser, Michael Gerson (“Extremist politics only serves to poison patriotism,” TNT 6-14), was perfectly juxtaposed below Charles Krauthammer’s weekly Obama attack piece (column, 6-14).

Krauthammer takes issue with the following Obama quote: “We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” Then Krauthammer pulls out another Obama quote: “You can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy. . . . We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.”

In other words, we need to make some hard choices in

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OBAMA: President laid out inspired set of goals

Michael Gerson’s criticism of the president’s State of the Union address, (column, 2-5) was predictable and uninspiring. He invoked his Republican mindset to do nothing constructive and one by one condemned each of the president’s proposals.

Gerson dismissed them as either too expensive, too driven by environmentalists, too strident, too dependent on science, too generous to immigrants/students/seniors or too ambitious for a nation in debt – in short, beyond our capability.

My take on the speech was just the opposite. It was an ambitious and inspired wish list that set our goals very high and, if accomplished, would put

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TNT: One’s opinion doesn’t have to be factual

Re: “Letters should be more substantive” (letter, 7-13).

The letter writer is tired of reading (and I paraphrase here) poorly researched, illogical, deceptive and unnecessarily provocative letters to the editor. I share his irritation.

Imagine how annoyed I was Friday morning when I turned to the editorial page and found it dominated by those bigoted, mean-spirited ideologues, known in the world of editorial journalism as Michael Gerson and Charles Krauthammer. Had I not seen the piece by my old favorite, Gene Robinson, on the same page, I also might have written a critical letter to The News Tribune.


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CONTRACEPTION: Who is ‘most directly affected’?

In deriding the Obama administration for the recent controversy about insurance and contraception, columnist Michael Gerson (a conservative, middle-aged male), stated that the “most directly affected” group in the U.S. had not been consulted (TNT, 2-14).

And who is that “most directly affected” group? Why, the Catholic bishops, of course.

Silly me. I would have thought it was women! To say nothing of their husbands, lovers, families, existing children, etc. But no, a group of religious, older, celibate men are more “directly affected” and should have more say in the matter. A

s a woman, I can’t decide whether

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